A Lot Of Firsts At IIM Rohtak

Dreams and memories are inherent parts of human life. Though one is about past and the other is about future, the common thread between them is the thread of human aspirations. One represents the potential for future and other represents the past glory. The phase of my life which I can relate with this is when I got the opportunity to be a part of B school, to be a student again. It was nothing less than a dream. And now as I already have spent the last twelve months here, each day has become a beautiful memory in itself.

What makes the time at a B school memorable? I will say, what not? The induction process, the first class, the first submission which had a deadline of 2.00 am, the first case presentation, everything has its own significance. Though first year is a time when you have to learn subjects from all domains, I feel it was the best time to explore where do I fit well, which subjects I should go ahead with, so that I can pursue them with all the sincerity.

The second year started and it was the fourth class of subject Advance marketing research. The topic for that day’s discussion was correlation and regression. Though I had some idea about the concept as we all engineers had had an encounter with it in the past, the marketing as aspect related with it was quite interesting. In my engineering, I had learnt how the center of mass of a body and the number of vibrations produced when it rotates are related to each other. But the professor started with an example where he exposed us to the data collected from the study which was conducted by Harvard business school on happiness. It is seventy-five-year longitudinal study on the lives of 268 adults. It was a complex data to comprehend in a small time of one and half hour. But the data has numbers of variables that are used to study the happiness. The real learning and magic started the moment professor taught us few basic concepts and encouraged us to use our wide imagination to make the models which can be of help to a real life marketing scenario where decisions are based upon the happy state of mind. Being an engineer I knew that lot of things around me can be measured in numerical form but that lecture taught me that happiness can also be measured. It has been last few months that the life has become all about numbers, models, emotions and marketing.

I mentioned about human aspirations earlier and my life here at IIM Rohtak is full of it. The way I boiled down on the subjects which want to pursue as my majors going forward, the same way I am busy planning a journey of my corporate life. I want to get into the world of numbers, models, emotions, and marketing and nothing can be a better than a platform like Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited.