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How To Fill Out The IIM Kozhikode Stage 1 Form

IIM Kozhikode has released the shortlist for the first stage. In this article, Rishabh Singh, an IIM K alumnus, has detailed out how to fill out the IIM K Stage

CAT 2021 Score Vs Profile - Which Do The Top IIMs Prefer?

Every year, IIMs ABCLIK release their admission policies for admission to their flagship MBA programs. Each of the IIMs has a varying admission policy, taking into account varying selection criteria

IIM Kozhikode 2021 Admission Policy - 45 Percent Weight For CAT 2021 Score

IIM Kozhikode's 2021 admission policy for admission to the PGP batch of 2022-2024 has now been released by the institute. This year, IIM Kozhikode will give a combined weight of

Some IIMs Report Decrease In Average Salary Offered | Placements At Top-Ranked IIMs In 2021

Placements at the top IIMs have now concluded, with IIM Calcutta being the final IIM to release its latest placement report for the batch of 2021. Now that the fog

From 44 Percent In Maths In 12th To IIM Kozhikode | Non-Engineer's Mantra To Crack Quant, DILR For CAT

One of the most recurring demands from InsideIIM's eager community of CAT aspirants is of CAT preparation tips from non-engineers who, despite weak academic profiles, managed to make it to

IIM Kozhikode Final Placement Report - Class of 2021 Goes After Consulting And Finance Jobs

IIM Kozhikode is one of India's finest management institutes, and that reflects in the placement figures released by the institute in its latest placement report. The institute has weathered a

I Believed in Myself, When Things Went South, Ft. Debayan Pal, IIM K

Debayan believed in the power of self from the very beginning and carved his own path. From taking challenges head on to displaying leadership skills whenever the situation demanded, Debayan

I Have Always Believed In Giving Back, Both Through Skills And Service, Ft. Abhay Shankar, IIM K

An ardent reader, believer of money multiplication and a heart that beats for the not so fortunate ones might just be the words to define Abhay Shankar. An IIM Kozhikode

I Chose A Startup Over An IIM Call, Ft. Mohammed Raashid, IIM C

Imagine getting a call from a reputed IIM like IIM K on one hand and a relatively unknown startup coming from the stable of IIM Ahmedabad, offering you a job.

I Put A 97.73 Percentile On The Line To Get Into IIM Kozhikode - Shailesh R Yadav, IIM K Grad, InsideIIM's Best 30

Sometimes, things come to us easy. It is the decision to put everything on the line and take another shot that is challenging . Today, we bring you the story

Sales And Marketing, Finance Most Sought After For IIM K's Batch of 2022 | Summer Placement Report

IIM Kozhikode has released its official summer placement report for the batch of 2022. The summer placements process, which was completed over a span of just 3 days, saw participation

Work Experience Added, WAT Removed In IIM Kozhikode's Latest Selection Criteria For PGP 2021-2023

IIM Kozhikode has released the latest selection criteria for admission to the PGP batch of 2021-2023! In the latest selection criteria, IIM Kozhikode has included work experience as a criterion