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SDA Bocconi Asia Center


SDA Bocconi Asia Center is one of India’s top management institutes and is the Indian campus of the world-renowned SDA Bocconi School of Management, Bocconi University, Milan. Each year, the institute admits top talent to its flagship IMB programme, the most recent batch of which (Class of 2020) is one of the most gender-diverse business schools in the country!

Located in the corporate hub of India, Mumbai, SDA Bocconi sees top recruiters across various industries visit the campus to recruit MBA graduates. 


SDA Bocconi Asia Center is the Indian campus of one of the world's top management institutes - SDA Bocconi School of Management, Bocconi University, Milan.

The USP of the institute is the international exposure opportunity that it provides to its students through a four-month specialisation semester in Bocconi, Milan. From September to December, in their second module of the International Master in Business (IMB), the students can take up to 4 electives in Milano, chosen amongst 70+ course electives accessible in every semester, in order to design their own specialized track.

This is a unique opportunity for students to not only study at one of the world's elite business schools, but also to gain exposure to foreign cultures and build networks.

Exams Applicable

Selection Criteria

All applicants are required to submit either CAT/NMAT by GMAC/GMAT/GRE or take the Bocconi Test. No minimum work experience is required. Management experience, leadership potential, social work, entrepreneurial experience, communication skills, creativity, art, sports and involvement in the community are also considered in shortlisting candidates’ profiles.

Courses Offered

1. International Master in Business (IMB)

The International Master in Business (IMB) is a specialized Master program fully equivalent to a postgraduate program that brings to India the expertise and the international standing of SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy.

It comprises two 11-month modules, which includes a 4-month specialization semester spent at the Bocconi main campus in Milan, Italy in the second module. It is an intense experience that maximizes learning opportunities in a limited scope of time. It allows students to specialize while offering the experience, the international outlook and the multicultural environment essential for a successful career in a global economy.

Upon completion of the program, participants are awarded a Diploma by SDA Bocconi in Italy.

2. The International Executive Master in Business (IEMB)

The International Executive Master in Business (IEMB) is a part-time 15-month Program.

The IEMB is a rigorous, challenging, global and compact program for Mid to Senior professionals, who want to accelerate their career. It is designed for sharpening leadership skills and closing the knowledge-doing gap, providing the skills to turn ideas into actions and goals-achievement.

IEMB highlights include two-week international immersion in Milan, Italy, Electives in Milan with SDA Bocconi international students and access to over 100000 Bocconi alumni Network.

Programme Fees

Rs 1,860,000

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