MDI – A Glimpse Of Glory

June 14, 2018 was the day, when I entered the new phase of life. Coming out of hot and humid weather of Gurgaon, the magnificent Campus Gate of MDI Gurgaon provided me with the much needed inner relief and I felt a sense of proud, “Yes, I made it.” With much enthusiasm, I started my first at the place of Mandevians. I arranged all my necessities and lied down on my bed dreaming of the road ahead. The very next day, I got a piece of paper stating the upcoming schedule of the induction week and I was. The very first day, our batch got to meet the CHRO, Pernod Ricard who inspired us all to work hard, play hard and make the college proud. It was a great learning experience as it was first instance when many of us got to interact directly with person of such senior position. The week followed was full of activities. Various Guest speaker session were organised where we got to interact with very senior leaders. Talking to them was a privilege and highly enriching experience. There were some alumni of college who shared their experience of the journey in college and afterwards in the corporate world and this has given us valuable insight. There were various tasks given to the batch to understand the culture of B-School. Finally, Director’s Dinner marked the end of Induction week and on that day, we were blessed to have an alumnus of college who had started a start-up called ePayLater and he gave valuable insights regarding various challenges in the start-up environment in India.

In the week followed, we were introduced to our section. I find it amazing how diverse our batch is. With some very interesting people, there was one person who stands out, Sakhasm Aggrawal. Sakhasm is very inquisitive. He asks question on every topic and try to participate in every activity possible which sometimes seems awkward as with scarce amount of time available, one has to set preferences for every work. God knows how he manage to get time to do it all. There are dancers, Singers and writers in the batch which shows the creativity quotient of the class.

The unique thing that I found about MDI are-

  • Rigorous Academics.
  • Excellent interaction with faculties.
  • Competitive people all over.
  • Emphasis on overall personality development.

WHY Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited?

Aditya Birla Group is a reputed brand in India which focuses on innovation and excellence. I would like to work with Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited as it has developed brand over the period which people love to associate with. With a large consumer base and brand appeal, this segment of ABG has been evolved continuously with time. Working with ABG Fashion and retail Limited would give me valuable insights about brand value creation and customer acquisition.