MDI Gurgaon – All In A Day’s Work

A memorable incident in classroom: I would like to talk about an experience in the classroom which I felt very infatuated with. It was the class of “Human Behavior in Organizations” and the faculty had made us fill up a personality check questionnaire in the previous class. There were two totally opposite traits and a student would fit in either of the two based on his/her response.

So, in this class she made us sit according to our respective traits with the students having extreme trait features sitting on either ends of the class and the students who scored somewhat equally in both the sets were made to sit in the middle.

Then she showed us a picture, asked everyone to remain silent and develop their thoughts about the picture. After a minute, she asked us to describe what they feel about the picture. After many answers from each group, she diverted our notice towards a common trend in responses of people from each group and the change in way of expression from one end to the other. When she showed us her next slides, it clearly depicted the type of response expected from each group and their way of expression of thoughts. She was even able to accurately predict a student’s score in the questionnaire just by listening to the responses.

I was left totally bewildered by this. Coming from an engineering background, I had only imagined concrete laws to be applicable on physical bodies, chemical reactions, behavior of electrons etc. I had always thought of humans to be too flexible to be governed by laws, completely different from each other in terms of behavior. The fact that there are actually ways to determine human behavior left me astonished and with a sense of awe towards the subject.

The ABG company I would want to work in: This answer has to be a no-brainer for me. I was born and brought up in Renukoot, UP. My father works in Hindalco Industries Ltd. and thus I have developed a close relationship with the company. I have seen the company improving the infrastructure, pollution index, providing basic amenities for the employees and improving the living standards of its employees as a whole. It has built colonies for all of its employees, schools, great roads, malls, shopping complexes provided 24-hours electricity and water supply etc. It is the largest integrated factory in Asia and largest producer of aluminum and finished aluminum products in India.

Looking from a career perspective, I have seen interviews of MDI alumnus who had gone to Renukoot as either summer interns or full time recruitments in Hindalco Industries Ltd. All of them seemed greatly satisfied by their experience over there and overwhelmed by the knowledge that they acquired. I had always wanted to start off my HR career in a plant role as it would provide me with tremendous opportunities to interact with people closely.  I would also get to learn Hindalco’s strategy that has allowed it to cater to its employees’ needs so coherently and consistently. There is a lot of employee interaction sessions organized and the company focuses much more than the mandatory CSR requires them to.