MDI Gurgaon – A New Beginning


It was my first day at MDI and I was totally excited about it. I reached Delhi airport at around 7pm and without wasting any time I took a cab to reach the campus. I was living in a village from the past 2 years and the hustles of the city life that I saw on my way, made me excited. I reached the campus and I got mesmerized by its beauty. A premier B – school at such an excellent location with a world-class infrastructure is hard to find anywhere.  I got into the hostel and found my room. I had live in a hostel during my undergraduate and so, I was comfortable with the hostel life. But, this time it turned out to be worse than what I was expecting. I got into my room, settled up things and had dinner. After that, I went for a walk around the campus alone. I wasn’t aware of what was coming for me after that. After about 1 hour and numerous interactions with new people, I came back to my room. As I lay down on my bed, I felt the heat, something NCR is famous for. I tried opening the ventilators and it was jammed. The room had just one ceiling fan with very low speed and no cooler in it. It was suffocating as well as very hot. I was awake for the whole night and it was the first time I realized that hostel life is not so easy even after staying in a hostel for 4 years. Adding to my bad luck, I didn’t even have a bottle to store water and drink. I spent the entire night waiting for the sun to shine. At last, after the sleepless night, I went to a canteen nearby and bout some food and drinks. I could only sleep after that. However, after living for so many days her, I am loving my room and the campus life. It’s full of ups and downs and my room has become my home away from home.


Mobile phones and smart technologies has always been interesting for me. So, I want to be a part of Idea Cellular Services which comes under Aditya Birla Group. With recent innovation in mobile technologies and fierce competition for market share, I feel this sector as a very interesting and challenging sector to work for and I would like to develop my expertise in it.