A Month Inside An IIM – IIM Bodh Gaya

1 month, I’ve lived inside an IIM.

It still feels like yesterday when I stepped onto the campus of IIM BG. I’d planned the whole enchilada beforehand of what I wanted to do once I join it. I wanted to do everything from joining clubs and committees to do the impossible-read your curriculum from the beginning and not just the night before. Still struggling with the latter one.

So there I was, after hours and hours of hard work, countless GD practices, numerous interviews, finally standing with a few in the millions who worked just as hard as I did. Their intellect at times shocks me, I wonder how somebody this young can analyze something with so much depth.

On my second day, we were given a team task by seniors that stretched through the night. The fun we had, the things we did, all those memories will stay with me forever. We had many group tasks since, mostly given by professors, every time with a different team. That made the assignment a whole lot more exciting. We are not only supposed to complete the assignment but are also implicitly asked to synchronize with the teammates having different views and perceptions. That way, I learned about the nuances of different cultures, states, religions that wouldn’t have been possible if I weren’t given the chance to have interactions with them.

In between our rigorous schedule, we always manage time to discuss different topics like politics, social issues etc. Few people here even know about the tiniest of the details in politics and when they use those details to properly analyze the current political environment, you are just compelled to stand there surprised and motivated to know more about it and its varied implications on various industries.

We have a tradition of playing sports at the end of the day. You lose all your stress in those few minutes, sometimes extending to an hour or two, of gameplay and you again come back to action. It is a rejuvenating process and people look forward to playing any sports be it football, basketball, table tennis or cricket.

Then came 15th August that we celebrated with a great fervor. We also had a volleyball tournament organized just for the occasion. I was in one of the finalist teams which made the event even more special for me.

To summarize, I am living with the brightest of the minds in India, who are surprisingly good at sports too. I’ve played table tennis at 3 in the night because I couldn’t sleep. I’ve played volleyball for hours after a 10-hour long class. I’ve studied the whole night to give quiz/midterms in the morning. I cherish and relish every moment as it goes for MBA is not just about learning new things but also about making memories.

Tanmay Kalyani

Tanmay Kalyani is a student of IIM Bodhgaya. He ran his business for more than 2 years in Indore. He currently is a representative of Alumni Relations. During his time in the Alumni Relations, Alumni Relations has published an independence day special edition magazine.