My First Salary| Divyansh, IIFT


It was going to be my first day at work at Accenture. A new beginning awaited, I adjusted the collars and the crest of my white shirt. It had the notable sign of Louis Philippe. I had seen it’s tv commercial quite a few times while watching movies at my home. But today it gave me the confidence to start off my corporate career. I took an uber ride to my office, I realized that I did not have the required cash and mostly had Rs500 notes. But the cab driver asked me to go for UPI payment, and almost instantly I used Bhim app to send him the money.

The days passed by and I shuffled my formals starting from peter England to Van Heusen and back to Louis Philippe. It was soon the last day of the month and all of us eagerly awaited, for our salaries to be credited to our respective accounts. Everyone had plans that they had though, of a few were going to clear their grad loans and a few would invest, the remaining like me had a plan to purchase gifts for my parents. Satyanshu, a good friend of mine suggested us to invest on Birla sun life insurance. However, I had predecided to purchase something for my little sister and my parents.

As the clock ticked away to 11:23am all of us received the message, your account xxxx had been credited with the amount of Rs 24,122 /-. I immediately called up my mom and dad told them about the same, and eagerly waited for evening so that I could immediately go and purchase gifts for all of them. I immediately decided to go to Forever21, as my sister loved the brand. I got a pair of new heels for her. After, that I entered Van Heusen and bought white shirt for my dad, as he was about to purchase one. Since my mother is very religious, I bought a small idol of Sai baba along with a saree.

However, all this while I was really unaware of the fact that all the brands that I had used throughout where but under one giant umbrella of Aditya Birla Group. Since then I have had this ambition of working for the Aditya Birla Group, not just an organization, but an essential part of our lives living through all our celebrations, and other happy moments.


I had always love to perform skits and plays since my school days, and so I decided to continue with my passion during my college as well. I joined a group named KARTAVYA, which was dedicated to street plays within my college. However, this instance is not from my first year. This is story when I was performing the 19th street play of my career in KIIT.

It was supposed to be among the final few fests of the season and I along with my team were high on energy. As the nukkad started we were cheered strongly by the crowd for our formations and rhyming’s, however just as everything was going great, I dislocated my shoulder while banging the floor with a bamboo stick. Despite immense pain I decided to continue with my performance. Towards the end of my performance I had some severe pain in my right arm. Thankfully a team member had volini and I applied some volini over my shoulders and then went to see a doctor.

The doctor said that it was a case of minor tear, which would heal on time. However, it was a serious case, and due to some negligence in the initial diagnosis, I had to undergo a shoulder stabilization surgery. The process was carried out in the Medica Super speciality Hospital. The biggest challenge of my life began right after operation was done, I cried for the first time over many years as the pain was immense , and above all it was my right shoulder. I was then moved to my home , at the same time I had also completed 10 months at Accenture, and I had to apply for LOA at work. The initial days were extremely difficult as my right arm was wrapped up tightly to my chest to prevent any movement , and I was in extreme pain throughout the night. I was being fed and bathed by my mother and father respectively. My sister listened to all my demands and tantrums throughout. I almost used to feel hopeless at times staring at the wall at times and thinking to myself that I might never be able to move my hand again. Eventually my physiotherapy started and I was able to slowly retain some movement in my right arm. Despite all the pain I had decided that I would lead a normal life again , and would somehow retain 100% movement in my right arm. Though the process was extremely painful and difficult , with immense patience form my parents and my physiotherapist I was able to retain almost 90 % of my movement. I was Extremely happy and rejoiced on the good news. I was told to take some precautions.

It has almost been an year since then , I have retained 100 % movement in my arm. I still take precautions despite everything , however I have this feeling that those one month of pain and agony has transformed me into a strong individual both mentally and physically . All along my pain there were strong pillars in the form of my parents and sister , and I thank god to have helped me out of such a mess.

Divyansh .

I am Divyansh , a Mba student at IIFT, Delhi from the batch of 19-21. I have completed my Bachelor's degree in the department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering from KIIT university . I have a work experience of 24 months with Accenture as am Application Development Associate.