My Journey To IIM Indore Mumbai – Vaibhav Yadav’s Story

MBA – The Decision
Like the plethora of other teenagers freshly out of school, I took up B Tech in Electronics & Communication as I happened to get a seat in that branch at my score. In hindsight, neither of these decisions had a real reasoning behind them. Second year into college, I knew that B tech is not my cup of tea and that’s when I decided to try to bell the CAT.


The Struggle
I joined the weekend batch in one of the premier coaching institutes in Delhi in July 2014. With time in hand, I tried to chalk out a preparation schedule. However, sticking to this plan was another thing. The momentum waned 3 months into the coaching and I no longer fell into the category of serious aspirants, if I ever did. Come the THE day and I was content with my performance in perhaps one of the easiest papers in CAT history. One of the few things that I believe helped me sail through eventually was my knack of reading current affairs and the practice of taking and reviewing the Mock Cats religiously.


The New Life
I joined IIM Indore PGP Mumbai in July 2015 and life has never been the same again. The very first day I arrived in CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai I was enthralled by the beauty and serenity of the place. Accommodation seemed to be a concern initially, but with the help of the seniors, almost all of us managed to move into a society right across the campus the same evening. The journey ever since has been a beautiful rollercoaster. Case discussions, meeting deadlines, working in groups, presenting/representing, debating and lastly, partying comprises an average day.

One thing that I take the most pride in is the caliber of the faculty over here. From teachers who have taught Raghuram Rajan to B2B Marketing Gurus, their knowledge and myriad of experiences gives you a new perspective to everything around you. The case based pedagogy followed by IIM Indore is rigorous yet delightful. The freewheeling case discussions during the lectures with my fellow participants from diverse backgrounds is my personal favorite.

The locational advantage of Mumbai with almost every company’s corporate office being situated here has been the prime reason for the number of live projects I have undertaken along with the industrial visits. The exposure you get here by interacting with the numerous guest lecturers and luminaries is unparalleled.

As I write this, going from Mumbai to Pune in a cab for the first day of my Summer Internship in Nvidia, I hope and believe that the remainder of this MBA journey will be as beautiful as the first 8 months.



About the author:


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Vaibhav Yadav is a B Tech Graduate in Electronics and Communication from MAIT, Indraprastha University. He is a Sports enthusiast and likes playing Cricket and Badminton. He also enjoys quizzing and debating. He is a part of the class of 2017 at IIM Indore PGP Mumbai and is going to International School of Management, Dortmund for term 5 as part of the Student Exchange Program.

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