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IIM Indore Mumbai

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On Tolerance And Beyond - IIM Indore Mumbai Campus

Somewhere around 2016, my conservative parents and their siblings started sensing the ideological rift between them and us. My cousins and I were 20 somethings with voice and we stopped

A Day After Children's Day : Start The Dialogue - IIM Indore Mumbai Campus

India celebrates children's day on 14th of November every year on the birthday of free India's first prime minister - Jawaharlal Nehru. But it's about time we educated ourselves with

From Dosa To Poha : Life At IIM Indore Mumbai

I converted last minute. I can’t remember half the thoughts I had at the time. I’d grabbed my papers and bid farewell to Kochi on a rainy evening. They’d told

Tarun Imandi's Journey To The Best Place In Mumbai - IIM Indore Mumbai Campus

Change is what everyone fears in every phase of life yet inescapable, having realised thus I began to embrace it.

Guest Lecture At IIM Indore Mumbai Campus By Mahesh Khetan, Head (AVP) - Supply Chain Management, Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd

The students of IIM-Indore Mumbai Campus were obliged by the presence of Mr.Mahesh Khetan, Head(AVP) - Supply Chain Management, Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd., who delivered an insightful lecture

Self Belief - The Key Ingredient To Cracking CAT

It was the afternoon slot. I had reached Pune and the city was under the spell of the afternoon siesta. I was just in time to have lunch and go

Sell Healthy ! Stay Healthy ! - 60 Days Of Summer Internship At Food Crafterz - IIM Indore Mumbai

An on-field sales experience is the thing every marketing guy craves for as it gives an immense understanding of the ground realities. And my internship at Food Crafterz provided me

Tryst With B2B Marketing - 60 Days Of Summer Internship

After multiple rounds of frantic summer internship selection process, my stars aligned with Arrelic and Bhubaneswar became my summer destination. I was provided accommodation in the lush green XIMB Campus