My Journey with Aditya Birla Group -Sugata Mukherjee, IIM Ranchi


A US $44.3 billion corporation, in the League of Fortune 500, with a diverse workforce of over 120,000 employees the Aditya Birla Group stands humongous with their values of Integrity, Commitment, Passion, Seamlessness and Speed.

It is thus quite impossible that the Group would not have been a part of the journey of an Indian like me.

The fact that I hail from Kolkata in West Bengal can give someone a clear idea of some of the major events round the year that can dominate the life of a Bengali. We love our food, we love shopping and celebrations and what is a bigger culmination of all the above than Durga Puja celebrations! I fondly remember the 10 year old me eagerly waiting for that time of the year so that I could shop my heart out at Pantaloons. I grew up. But even now I am in love with life and in love with fashion and Pantaloons my preferred destination for shopping.

Soon from School it was time to start the new journey of College and the thrills and uncertainties it might had to offer. But the comfort and assurance of my Allen Solly tees and Peter England formals made sure I made it through engineering with flying colours.

The next adventure-‘Work-life’ came calling. I got placed in a construction firm. Site visits were synonymous with the makeshift UltraTech cement sack benches which ensured that we had a place to sit and relax after a long day, while the Cement itself ensured that our projects were built to last. No wonder it is always ‘the Engineer’s Choice’.

In a bid to diversify, like the Group itself does, I decided to pursue higher education and see if I could learn what an MBA life had to teach. And it has just started. I just got inducted as a ‘Crow’ of IIM, Ranchi. But my Louis Phillipe business formals make me feel I am ready for the challenges that will come my way and my Vodafone Idea network connection always by my side to provide all the support I need from friends and family.

That might make you wonder, how would have life been without the Aditya Birla Group always there to ensure you have the best services whenever need be.


However the journey to get inducted as a Crow was no bed of roses.

Working as an engineer in the construction sector in Mumbai had its own share of trials and tribulations.

Fresh out of the comforts and fun of engineering hostel life, negotiating my way on board the packed local trains on an hour long journey to my office was a challenge in itself.

Then came the hot and humid weather Mumbai tends to have round the year (except the monsoons months, they are really comfortable albeit inconvenient for travel!). It can be punishing to switch in and out of the Air Conditioned office space to the microwave of a construction site. Some days you might feel like it might be better to go back to the comfort of your hometown.

However being an NCC Cadet who had made it to the Republic Day 2017 and Youth Exchange Program to Kazakhstan, the ‘Never Quit’ attitude simply becomes an intrinsic part of you. During the grueling camp days when you saw fellow cadets around you not quitting no matter how hard the PT and drill sessions became, you ask yourself what excuses have I?

The resilience and adaptability NCC imbibed in me helped me overcome all challenges my work-life had to offer. I could manage all the responsibilities entrusted upon me and simultaneously clear the CAT exam which has led to this day, being a part of the IIM Ranchi family as a true Crow.

Again during my stint in Mumbai, Freshwrapp was there to make sure no matter what the weather conditions were, my lunch remained fresh and I could contribute my maximum! No wonder again that the Aditya Birla Group has always been there in all circumstances to take us Indians and thereby India to the World!

Sugata Mukherjee

First year MBA student at IIM, Ranchi with a knack for creating things. That explains my job experience in the Construction Sector and hobbies of Sketching Portraits and Poetry!