Nights At 24/7 Campus Of SDA Bocconi Asia Center

We are the millennials who like to use their nights as efficiently as their days! A 24*7 campus provides with much more opportunities for students to utilize the campus spaces outside lecture times, on weekdays and weekends. It makes students’ studying and everyday lives easier.

There is something symbolic about an “always open” campus, be it for studies or for de-stressing with some games. In an all-day hustle, students sometimes do not find the time for themselves, this is when the nights come in handy. It speaks to the values of the B-school as primarily an educational body, conveying the message that learning is at the heart of its campus and thus an always available space provides you with so much more time to explore and learn.

On my very third day as a student at SDA Bocconi Asia Centre, I stayed on the campus for 16 hours straight and left at 1 am. That was ‘D-day’ every Bocconi student was cheering out loud saying “Welcome to the journey of MBA”. MBA students often have to meet particularly tight deadlines. It is no secret that students mostly find it necessary or beneficial to work at unusual or extended hours.

There is no ‘average’ student and no uniform way that students study or work on assignments or for clubs and committees. Some work best in the morning, others late in the evening, and some do their best work in the small hours of the night. 24*7 campus facilities are for students to study to the best of their abilities. It ensures that students can study and work in a flexible manner, but it also reinforces a positive study-life balance. It is too easy for students to attend classes in the morning and spend their nights in their Wi-Fi enabled campus.

It’s much better for the wellbeing of students to get them out of their rooms and studying/working in a monitored and open space such as the library/cubicles, therefore keeping their bedrooms separate for rest and relaxation. The importance of separating home and study space should not be underestimated for students’ wellbeing. If students do not feel that there are appropriate spaces to work then their bedrooms become offices and finding that much-needed time to switch-off from study becomes even harder. A 24*7 Wi-Fi enabled campus helps them to discuss the assignments/group projects and meet their deadlines on time. Working on campus is better for students than working in their bedroom, as it encourages both a physical and mental separation in their working space.

Unfortunately, even students who are effective at time management still end up leaving an assessment to the last moment and having to work late or do an all-nighter. 24-hour space is available for them to work in with all the resources needed for completing an assessment.

A 24-hour campus means that students can get into their working ‘zone’ and not have to worry about the campus closing and losing their concentration or stress about where they are going to move to once the campus closes.

Today completes my week one at the 24*7 campus and I am absolutely stoked with the energy around. Having said that, I do hope to keep my health intact between meeting the day & night horizons, because any health loss would be directly proportional to productivity loss, ultimately hampering the results! Isn’t it?

Which ABGP Company will you like to join and why?

I would like to work with ADITYA BIRLA FASHION AND RETAIL LIMITED, further bifurcation to a world-renowned luxury brand – Ted Baker. As I have always had an inclination towards Luxury as my field to build a career in, I would like to work with Ted Baker as a luxury brand manager, a product manager or a marketing manager.

Ted Baker London is well known for its stylish and sophisticated menswear, womenswear, accessories (and everything in between), and is loved for its quality and distinctive use of design and colour. With the perfect blend of attention to detail, beautiful designs and high-quality fabrics, Ted mixes traditional and contemporary influences with an irreverent sense of humour and a quintessential British attitude.

Luxury brands celebrate a culture of passion for their brand, their products, and their people – often stemming back hundreds of years. Using the perfect blend of skills and knowledge post my Specialisation in Luxury, working with Ted Baker would help me launch my career in this passionate luxury industry.

Apurva Chawla


Placecom SDA Bocconi Asia Center

The Placement committee of SDA Bocconi Asia Center is a vibrant team of 8 with Learning and Development and Corporate Relations.