NITIE celebrates ‘National Education Day’

To commemorate the 126th birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, NITIE jointly with AICTE celebrated the National Education Day on November 11, 2013. The event had eminent personalities actively involved in the education system of the country sharing their valuable thoughts about education and the education system.

Prof. T. Jayaraman (Dean, TISS) and Dr. B.B. Ahuja, Chairman (Board of Apprenticeship and Training) were the key note speakers of the day. Dr. Avinash Pant (Vice Chairman of AICTE), Prof.(Ms.) Karuna Jain (Director, NITIE), Mr.Ramesh Unnikrishnan (Director, AICTE), and Prof.SeemaUnnikrishnan (Dean Academics, NITIE) were the other speakers of the day.

Prof. (Ms).Karuna Jain in her speech stressed on the need to build critical thinking skills of the students and how teachers can facilitate this. She also mentioned about the Gurukul system of education and how it helped in shaping the character of the students. Dr. Ahuja in his speech said “the passion should come from within to envisage change” and he also talked about the importance of improving the quality of the faculty.

The discussion brought forward various other relevant topics like ‘choice based credit system’, and how education should encompass the social, political and cultural aspects of the society as well. Prof. Jayaraman is his speech talked about how education should be holistic and more than just science, he said education should prepare a student for life and not just for a job. Prof. Seema Unnikrishnan in her talk mentioned about how education can empower women and how a society can improve in all aspects with better education. NITIE, in its 50 years of existence has trained more than 80,000 executives and given the country some of the finest managers. The students of NITIE have been instrumental in providing solutions to complex industrial and business problems in various sectors over the years.

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