NITIE Mumbai – The Simplicity

I adore simplicity. And nature is working every moment to make things simpler. Balance is the key to simplify lives, processes and events.

My campus to me is a place adding balance to my life. Located on the sight of green hills, its eternal beauty glows with sun, blooms with moon, and dances with rain and speaks with wind. Silence is a big part of its serenity. Surrounded by two quiet lakes and tangled woods, every breadth here, is a gift of the gods. Thus we call it, “God’s own Campus”.

Still there’s more, a pond. Monastery quiet, it brings balance to the bricks and concrete. The pond often breaks the silence. It talks to the woods. As a bindi glorifies the elegance of a bride, the pond bring the same exquisite purity. Then there are creepy crawlers sneaking under the logs, birds chirping under trees, ducks forming ripples in the water. Every day there is a mingling of creatures with the nature. The sloppy roads test our will to move. Responsibilities the institute delegates test our calibre to deliver. I’ve walked the whole campus in one go. There is so much here that I will never understand. The people are intriguing. They devote their time in creating something that they utterly love. I notice, people here works and smile; ideate and bows. They construct something unusually good out of others. They are driven by their dreams. Ideas are their wings. But beneath their courtesy. there’s a deep ‘pond’ of feelings. No wonder this campus builds people who later build nations.

As a graduate in engineering, I learned to interact with machines efficiently. As a social being, I am learning to interact with other human effectively. The campus is teaching me to ace the interface of human-machine system. Thus creating a latent balance.

The campus is also unique in terms of offering managerial and technical domains, grooming its students as future techno- managers. The place is an amalgamation of both freshers and work experience students, composing a highly dynamic campus in terms of knowledge sharing and emphasizing on social development.

It is adding value to the life of students since 1963. Every day, its legacy is carried forward by the business leaders charging multi billion companies, faculties imprinting new ideas in socio-economic fields, young technocrats bringing balance to Indian industries, and students pitching in their energies to solve real problems.

Changes in the business environment bring challenges. Organisations need to adopt latest technology and concepts to keep pace. NITIE addressed this challenge a long time ago. By consistently introducing and updating unique courses, it is analysing and developing problem solving skills among the students.

The campus, as a single entity, insists on improving productivity. Our vision is celebrated under the umbrella of a unified event, “Avartan”. Various committees, forums, interest groups and fests help students to be innovative, competent, and creative.


Which ABG company I would like to work for?

I have uttermost interest in learning the modern Supply Chains. I utilize every opportunity to gain the latest insights of the subject. Pantaloons is a pioneer in Fashion retail store.  Also, in Fashion, ABG sells in-house and other branded apparel via brick-and-mortar and online stores.

In India, Supply Chain need to contend with the problems of available infrastructure and find innovative ways to identify non-value added activities through entire material flow process.

India’s retail market is expected to increase by 60 per cent to reach US$ 1.1 trillion by 2020, on the back of factors like rising incomes and lifestyle changes by middle class and increased digital connectivity. In my perspective, we need proper Supply chain Drivers embedded in our retail sector, IT enabled supply chains serving well-developed and well-connected urban market through organized retailing and urbanizing the unorganized Indian market and its connectivity.

-Ajay Singh Maderana

NITIE Mumbai Placement Committee

Placement Committee, NITIE Mumbai