Now You Know What We REALLY Did At Airtel This Summer! – Lopamudra Baliarsingh, IIM Lucknow

My final review is tomorrow and I’m writing this blog atm. That tells you a lot about my excitement of revealing all the inside stories!   JK. 

Everyone has their firsts right? Well this isn’t my first telecom company experience (As people still tease me that telecom won’t leave me ever!How I’m made for telecom etc BACKSTORY: I Interned at Vodafone during undergrad) but it sure did give me a lot of firsts.

Coming to a new city, looking for a place to stay, taking control of your life, you discover yourself a little more each time. This experience I’m sure is alike with all internships that you go to. You discover the kind of person you are from how you handle situations you never had to before and how you interact & react to people around you.

An electrical engineer from IIT Madras, now pursuing MBA at IIM Lucknow. My life’s been a trip from East (originally from Odisha) to the South to North. So trust me I’ve met all sort of stereotypes.

During one of my customer interactions, I was told, “How come you speak Hindi so well even though you are from South?” 


summer of 2018

The first few days of induction at Airtel gave us the chance to work in groups with fellow interns and really understand each other. When you are put in a group with Mr. Know-it-all, Mr. Quizzer, Mr. Placecom, Ms. Sassy, Mr. Energyknowsnobounds, a lot of learning unfolds 😀 And this is just the first group I got in.

A few parties and interactions later, I met all the awesome characters brimming with energy and having their own goals and aspirations in life.

“Kyunki har ek friend jaruri hota hai” – This is very true. Also in a work environment because you really help each other grow.

But you gotta put in work, work, work, work

I remember that during treasure hunt in induction, I came across this room called War room. I was thrilled to see that. Post induction, I got to know I’ll be working in that very room, I got super excited to meet the team.

Tbh, Even I didn’t know how diversified Airtel is. They are into a lot more other than mobility services. This would give you an all rounded experience here.

Telecom is full of surprises, no? You never know when a bomb package comes to market and you have to be ready to go to WAR!

It’s unimaginable!

I travelled in the metro for the first time, I swear! Things that work make you do & places it takes you is really interesting.

Walking the galis of Delhi, visiting people and personally talking to them to understand their POV has helped me a lot to get insights on the project.

There’s a lot of work that keeps happening. The no cubicle structure is interesting. I see the consumer insights team, brand team, finance team et all in a close-knit structure. The magic happens in cross-functional team meets when everyone brainstorms in the WARRRR room.

Anytime I had some inputs for the team, my thoughts were welcomed and encouraged. The team really supports you and understands the nuances of an internship. They guide you well through the expectation so that you make good use of your time here.

And when you need to take a break from all the work, the breakout area is the perfect place to unwind in and structure one’s thought. The Foosball table is on high demand, I tell you.

There’s more with Wynk concerts that keep happening.

Delhi belly

Gurgaon/Delhi is very new to me. Thanks to all my friend who took it upon them self to help me visit all the right places. In a way I gave them a sense of purpose since they were now excited to show an ‘outsider’ their world. So all thanks to me 😀

The metro experience is one of a kind. You see kindness there when someone gives up their seat for the one in need out of respect. It teaches you life lessons. Spending such journeys with people from all walks of life opens you to a new world. I made friends here too. I met a make-up artist once and made sure I took some tips before I bid goodbye 😉

Final thoughts

Learning never stops. NEVER. There is a takeaway from every person you speak to, and every work you do. Make a point to interact with as many people!

Airtel certainly helped me get a clearer picture of life. It also helped in solving some of my problems like:

1. Oh, I have too many photographs, which one to upload? How to preserve all these memories?

Answer: Upload them All 😀 It was fun doing all the creative activities put forth by Airtel and making memories in the process

2. Am I multi-talented or not talented at all?

Answer: You like dancing? Zumba (very much appreciated, It was a lot of fun. ) Do you like puzzles? Treasure hunt! And now writing a blog post and what not. I love playing Fastest Finger first, surely my time spent on quiz up finally paid up.

It really gave me an opportunity to go beyond what I thought I could do.

Thank you, Airtel, for you shall be remembered  🙂 Did I mention, I got teared up during one of the Airtel Ads being shown during induction. GOLD!

We all interns keep humming “Jo tera hai wo mera hai!” It’s a catchy song!


Lopamudra Baliarsingh. IIM Lucknow. A non-vegetarian who prefers veg(I might have just lost some friends for that description :P) I love to dance, listen to music, but i love noodles the most.