My One-Floor Campus – Size Doesn’t Matter – SDA Bocconi Asia Center

Size of the space doesn’t matter always but what really matters is how warm & comforting does space make you feel.  And SDA Bocconi Asia Center in spite of being a one-floor campus, always ensures it makes you feel at home. Also, it’s not even about the space, it about the people in that space who create a vibe you want to stay connected to.

When I go back to recall the very first time when I stepped out of the elevator on the 9thfloor of the ‘Hiranandani Knowledge Park’ building in Powai, I was awestruck.  Right from the security guy at the entrance (who still shares a smile every day) to the beautifully designed interiors in the space of 24,000 sqft area, everything seemed just right and complete. Classrooms, study area, canteen, lockers, tennis table, foosball table, a beautiful gallery, large windows that come with a lake view are all just perfectly aligned.

Also, this space has got its own set of plus point as it’s all enclosed on one floor it gives you higher chances of communication with your peers, professors, and management committee. And isn’t networking one of the core motives of the B schools. What also matters is the teaching faculty. Professors come all the way from Milan, which is ranked as among the very best Universities in Europe and the World. This ensures the same level of education is received by the candidates here and in Milan. Their approach to teaching is very hands-on, highly updated, with multiple case studies, and lots of interaction. On top of all this, the college offers a mandatory exchange semester at Bocconi, Milan (September to December) where students have been exposed to a whole new world. There are great opportunities to interact with students of multiple nationalities, get to live alone in a new country and visit surrounding countries there. That builds on your experience and leads to overall learning and development of students’ personality. It gives a better perception of people and how things work in different ways. It expands one’s horizon and gives better clarity of what one wants to pursue in their life.

Thus beyond size, it’s the experience that one should be looking for while joining a Bschool. And SDA Bocconi Asia Center surely gives you one.

Which ABGP company would you like to join and Why?

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited

Fashion is the instant language- Miuccia Prada. And given the prospect, I would adore being a part of the clan who ensures that this language is rightly spoken. Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited (ABFRL) with its deep market experience and extensive retail capabilities is one such prospect. It has clocked a turnover of Rs. 6,633 Crores in FY17, making it India’s first billion dollars pure play fashion company The Company is India’s no.1 fashion and lifestyle entity. It hosts India’s largest fashion network with over 8,000 points of sale in over 700+ cities and towns, which include more than 2,000 exclusive ABFRL brand outlets.

Besides all the laurels and accolades that ABFRL holds today, what is encouraging is the opportunities it offers to grow both professionally and personally.  Programs such as Aditya Birla Group Leadership Program (ABGLP), Talent Councils, Gyanodaya and more give such opportunities to develop and build a strong foundation.

At the heart of ABFRL’s work culture lies customer-centricity that is uniquely backed by strong organizational values. Also, the company has always ensured to give back more than it takes from the ecosystem. Therefore it has launched initiatives like ReEarth, which urges partners and stakeholders to positively contribute towards the planet by reducing the environmental footprint of their operations

ABFRL’s concrete reputation, quality of the talent, leadership positions in the businesses, operational excellence and group’s CSR engagement, are factors that create true value, which is why I wish to be part of it.


Naina Malani

IMB 2018-2020

Placecom SDA Bocconi Asia Center

The Placement committee of SDA Bocconi Asia Center is a vibrant team of 8 with Learning and Development and Corporate Relations.