Panel Discussion – “Start-up India – How Can The Future Entrepreneurs Benefit From It” 

A Panel discussion was hosted by SJMSOM – IIT Bombay on 13th of February 2016. The topic of the discussion was “Start-up India – How can the future entrepreneurs benefit from it”.

The discussion was aimed at bringing in experts from different areas related to entrepreneurship on a common platform. The panel consisted of the following members:

  1. Ajeet Khurana (Mentor and Investor)
  2. Dewang Narella ( CEO, Atom Technologies limited)
  3. Gaurav Manjrekar (CIO, Activitas)
  4. Mr. Anil Bahuman (VP, Reliance jio infocomm ltd) acted as the moderator.

It was an interactive session where students from IIT Bombay and outside gained the opportunity to learn and explore. The panellist, known for their contributions in the respective domains, talked about how the business scenario in India has evolved in the last two decades. They were kind enough to share their personal stories with the budding entrepreneurs.

The panel discussed about how the ease of doing business is increasing in India. How the young minds are innovating into business and how the investors are coming forward to help them. Question like “the start-up bubble” were taken and justified with solid answers. But the panel also clarified that there are no soft landing in entrepreneurship.

The panel discussion was over with an enlightening effect on future of the start-up India initiative and the intricacies involved. They also focused on the opportunities and loopholes in the upcoming start-up ecosystem of India.The final advice given by the panel to the students was “Start-ups are not about ideas, They are all about making the ideas happen”.


Public Relations Team, SJMSOM