Passion Or A Fatter Pay Cheque?

Millions of students appear for MBA entrance exams every year. Some make it to their dream colleges, some settle down for something based on the available options, some back out and so on.

It is not only about MBA entrance exams, but about what are we chasing in our Lives?

Getting into a top college could be the ultimate aim for someone while for some, it would hardly matter. But in this rat race, we have forgotten where our heart lies and what we are passionate about.

While trying to be a part of this race, instead of being the best in what we like – most of the times, we end up being mediocre where the crowd follows.

As many entrance exams are lined up in the coming months, it is very important for you to decide – are you on the right track, or chasing something  just  for the sake of it.

It is important to know “what do we want in life” or atleast eliminate the things which we do not want.

Not all are clear about what they want in their lives, infact many of us don’t know what are we chasing at?

So instead of making fixed and definite decisions about your career path, start noticing your own interests and find small ways where you can exercise passion in something.

Get curious about the things that interest you. The best way to check whether you are happy with what you are doing or not, is a feeling of satisfaction and a sound sleep at night.

Not everybody is successful in discovering their interest areas, so patience becomes a necessary ingredient in evolving a passion. Broad associations increase the chances to stumble on a passion that can work.

Once you are exposed to a lot randomness, it’s time to choose the areas which interests you. Build upon the little sparks of interest that comes by your life. For instance, if you enjoy some basic programming try a small software project. These are some small ways to discover your interest areas.

Just for the sake of being different don’t try to be different, or if you are different understand and start following your dreams.

The bottom line is: It is better not to spend your life to fit a bigger and fatter pay cheque if you aren’t living your passion.

You have two options to choose from – either choose a life that is comfortable, but otherwise dead or be where your passion lies.