How To Prepare For MBA Interviews And GDs

Now that you are done with the big hurdle of entrance exams it is not the time to rest but to prepare for the next big thing which is GD and interview. The Interview and GD calls will come quick and fast and it is essential that you make the most out of every opportunity.

While there are several sources and tips on how to prepare for GD and interview here is some things you could do

Attend Mock GDs

Try and attend as many Mock GDs as possible. I remember that initially, I was not making eye contact with everyone in the group and also my body language seemed to indicate that I was tensed, I wouldn’t have corrected all these things if someone wouldn’t have pointed it out to me. So it is very important to attend Mock GDs and get feedback way before you attend final GDs, also initially there was a lot of apprehensions which reduced once I attended multiple Mock GDs

Content is King

This point was repeated multiple times throughout all my GDs and it was what differentiated people in a GD. Please note that it is always what you speak rather than the length of your speech or how good your diction is. Try to bring in as many perspectives as possible without being biased to any of the perspective you say. Make sure you utilize the entire time given to jot down points. If you see that someone is starting the discussion while you are still yet to form your points (Provided it is within the given time) you can interject and ask them to wait.

Read from as many sources as possible 

There was curated content in the form of magazines which was developed by a few coaching institutes which can be read to gather information on several topics. The readings should extensively cover Current Affairs, General Knowledge, and popular GD topics.

Interview Preparation

Several interviews will ask questions regarding your area of interest. They might be interested in knowing if you have read any relevant books in your area of interest. For instance, in one of my interviews after I had told the panel that I was interested in Marketing and the first question that was dashed at me was “ Have you heard of Kotler ?” , at that time I had no clue what that book meant and its significance to Marketing. It was only later that I understood the magnanimity of my blunder

So if you plan to say that you have interest in a particular subject be sure to read it up before you sit in an interview panel.

Another question which caught me off guard was when an interview panel asked me to list the names of the subjects in their course. They told me that if I was interested in their course I should have done the required groundwork.

While I disagree to this day, I feel there are some panellists which are looking for ways to break a candidate, it is up to you to maintain cool and not give in to the pressure.

Nitya Muralidharan

Nitya Muralidharan is a Second year student at XLRI Jamshedpur, she is passionate about writing , marketing and new ideas.