A Quick Insight – IIM Kashipur

How often does anyone get a chance to wake up seeing the Kumaon Mountain Range? Well, we have it. This is just one single factor out of several others which makes our campus unique.

Here’s a list of reasons which dominate the scenario:

  • Environment friendly Radiant Cooling: This is something many of you are hearing for the first time. Radiant cooling is the use of cooled surfaces to remove sensible heat by radiation and convection. It is related to radiant heating. Radiant systems can use water/air to cool the radiant surfaces. The systems circulate cooled water/air through specially-mounted panels or a building’s floor or ceiling to provide comfortable temperatures.
  • Best in class faculty: This is one of the minimum criteria, an institute of national importance must satisfy. But yes, it is worth a mention because the faculty over here doesn’t only teach you but makes you learn with real-time projects from the industries nearby.
  • Diverse portfolio of students: Wherever we are, it is the companionship that makes us more better. We at IIM Kashipur have a diverse set of students which experiences in several industries, nations. The sharing of knowledge among us makes us better day after day.

This is a never exhaustive list, but above are some of the major factors which makes the campus unique.

Which ABG Company Would you like to Work for and Why?

Provided a chance, I would like to work with Aditya Birla Retail Limited. Reason being the research I’ve done during my summer internship which includes studying consumer-behaviour based on surveys, interviews, top competitor visits etc. It helped me understand narrowing down the factors which a customer considers. Based on the interests of the customer, a company should do necessary modifications to the existing services so that a customer can attach more to them, there by increasing the Customer life time value. I believe, I could extend my study in ABRL and give a positive impact to the company.


– Vysyaraju Suchit

IIM Kashipur.

IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur