A Reason To Change My Life Around – MDI

MBA is all about prioritization and time management though we have all read about a typical day in any b-school in various websites we were thrown off our game during the first instance of us experiencing the same since it was the first time I was thrown off my comfort zone in the b-school I would consider the induction week as my most memorable experience at MDI so far.

A day prior to our induction we were put into four groups and a schedule was handed over to us at the very first glance it looked hectic but little did we know that there would be sessions outside the schedule as well, a typical day would start at 08:30 or 09:00 depending on the group one is in and the day would end at 1 or 2 am most of us had not been used to such a schedule and had difficulties adjusting to the pressure and the number of hours of work. Being at the beck and call of our student council we were able to get a hands-on experience of how our schedule until summer placements would be it took us sometime for us to realize that all this was being done in order to train us and make us ready after the first two days I realized it would be much easier if I find ways to get through the tasks and deadlines instead of cribbing about the schedule once the mindset changed the schedule started feeling easier.

The reason I decided to pursue an MBA was to change my life around, I wanted to be thrown off my comfort zone day in day out and the life at MDI till date has managed to do just that earlier I would panic if thrown off my zone but the induction week got me to an extent where now if I am out of my comfort zone I look to complete the task in hand instead of cribbing around. In my opinion, the change of mindset did the trick so no matter how difficult the task in hand may be, it is all about having the right mindset as people with the right mindset will make an effort at least to look out for solutions instead of sitting idle.

I am interested in pursuing Finance as a major in my MBA also I would believe I look out for logical conclusions and can get a hang of a dataset given to me hence would like to work for Aditya Birla Sunlife Asset Management Company wherein I would be looking at statements of various companies and making decisions based on logic and the data set.