The Red Building Of Dreams – Roopali Sharma, FMS Delhi

What makes my campus unique?

FMS is one of the oldest b schools in the country. It was set up in 1954. Set in the heart of Delhi University it is a reflection of that heritage. The building has the old-time architecture that reminds one of the old age education centres like Nalanda from Bihar. FMS has deep respect for values and aspires to create ethical managers of tomorrow and that is resonated as soon as once steps onto the campus. My most favourite part of the campus are the small whiteboards put up at all corners and classrooms wherein we can write motivational quotes. The only rule is to update it daily and It is open to everyone. It is a wonderful feeling when one such lonesome quote would catch your eye and you are filled with vigour. That is what FMS is all about, As peers, we are a community where we lift each other up, inspire them even anonymously and learn from each other every day.

A memorable classroom experience?

Although every day at FMS is unique in its own sense, there is incredible learning every step and every moment in the place.

I will never forget my first organization behaviour class. We were analyzing the difference between our attitude and behaviour. Which one is the precedent? Our faculty, Dean Mam, was facilitating the discussion and offered the most wonderful insights.

As we delved deeper we were two halves in the class debating over if attitude causes our behaviour or is it the behaviour of our peers that define our attitude. This is when Mam suggested us the saying “ We attract what we are”. Behaviour really isn’t prerogative of attitude and neither attitude guides our action. It is the confluence. How we act, how we perceive are all results of how “Ekagra” or in balance is our mind and brain. The part that allows us to feel and think. Only by maintaining a proper balance between the two parts can we control our actions. So the actions itself are our making, there are no external factors that guide them. We attract what we are. This experience was memorable because of the level of insights that were offered that day and this important learning that I gained. Never have I been so enamoured by sheer wisdom.


Introducing some of my crazy batchmates-

My batch has many interesting people coming from all walks of life. They are all individually unique and crazy, brilliant minds with amazing accomplishments that speak for them. But some stand out with singularly crazy experiences like below :

Arimardan Bora : Briliant mind, Consultancy aspirant and travel fanatic. So he planned a trip to Ladakh, planned the trip to the T, even booked the flight tickets, bought a bike solely for the purpose and learnt the bike for it as well. Then taught the other friend the same for the company. Finally went to Leh and rented Royal Enfield that is when the only pro rider of the gang got injured and had to drive all the way from Khardungla alone helping the rider he taught.

Aman : Finance Expert,  went for a practical examination in the final year of the engineering college. The professor asked him to choose between three chits to select an experiment. He was too sleepy and after not sleeping the night, pata nahi kyu why he started doing Akkad Bakkad Bombay Bo and the teacher was shocked like anything and shouted what are you doing and then pata nahi what he heard and he started reciting Akkad bakkad with more speed. Everyone was laughing and the professor sent him out and after that he realized what he had done.

Eeshan : The ultimate Jugaadu, wen to Kodaikanal, bought tickets for 4 friends and then the team increased to 12. They literally hitchhiked 12 people on 3 tickets while managing other things on the way.

Placement Cell FMS Delhi

Established in 1954, FMS has been a pioneer in India offering management education. FMS has the unique advantage of being a premier ‘B-school’ in a University milieu and in the national capital, thus offering valuable opportunities for our students in interdisciplinary learning and to undertake live projects from national/ international organisations. FMS is proud of a long list of illustrious alumni. It has rich legacy and history of producing World Class Business Leaders who are ranking stalwarts in Top MNCs across the globe.