Red, Green, & Blue – IIM Kashipur

The vision of IIM Kashipur is “To drive academic excellence using innovative teaching methods, promoting research and practice of sustainable leadership”, and with this vision, IIM Kashipur, established in 2011, is stepping forward in the arena of the elite class B school under the mentorship of IIM Lucknow.

IIM Kashipur is bestowed with the gifts of nature as well as the proximity with the industrial areas. This makes it the most happening places for the students for the curriculum. The primary requirement of any B school to attain a good brand value is the campus. The salient features of the campus at IIM Kashipur are The Red Brick Wall Structure, Hostels, Lush green covering of 200 acres of campus area, fully functioning academic blocks and Hygienic mess.

Red Brick Walls and other infrastructure

 IIM Kashipur is the first among the 2nd generation IIMs to be in a fully functioning campus. The easily identifiable and unique structure with the bricks without plaster has become the identity of IIM Kashipur. The contrast of the green background and the brick buildings makes the campus magnificent.

IIM Kashipur has some really magnificent classrooms. While most B-Schools and IIMs, in general, have single projector classrooms with singular or dual green boards, IIM Kashipur has dual projector classrooms with three sets of dual green boards to facilitate the students.

Hostels and the Amphitheatre

IIM Kashipur facilitates the students, rather future managers, with all the requirements including the hostels which will help them develop the lifestyle and the etiquettes when they enter in the corporate world. IIM Kashipur provides single occupancy rooms with attached washrooms to give a student all the privacy that he/ she desires to have to delve into himself / herself and unwind from the long day in class. Step out of the door and there is a plush living room with all the amenities-washing machine, TV, cooking platform, refrigerator, settees waiting for you to explore and enjoy along with your friends. The singular room is the best answer for self-exploration and some privacy in the hectic B-School life.

The amphitheatre is the pulse of IIM Kashipur. Be wherever you are from, whoever you are, if you want to feel the other side of the hustling bustling future corporate leaders of IIM Kashipur, come visit us once at the Amphitheatre. The Amphitheatre provides the base for all the cultural events and festival celebration within the campus.

Hostel Mess

The Mess is the most happening place in the campus. Any day, it looks like a co-working space. Students work, eat and play in the Mess. The mess is all student driven and gives the chance for the student about the business and how it is operated. The ingredients are acquired locally and therefore the food is fresh and not even a minority of students will have complaints regarding the food quality. Fresh Fruits from the nearby farms is a privilege

There are two Cafeterias open with food and beverages till 4 AM.

With More Infrastructure being added, and present fully functioning, The IIM Kashipur campus would be the most happening places in terms of ‘Quality of Life’.

Which ABG company would one want to work for and why?


I would like to work with Aditya Birla Retail Ltd.. The Reason is that the company comprises of different functioning areas such as FMCG products, fruits, vegetables, groceries, frozen food, bakery, home care, personal care, pharmacy, general merchandise and apparel and footwear. It is also in the process of establishing more megastores and premier Quality Supermarkets with its own brands. One can have a great learning of the supply chain management and broad business understandings and having plans to do certification in lean six sigma, and having experience in the engineering services sector, I think I can be a good fit.


– Shashank Pandya

IIM Kashipur.

IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur