Today the heaven and the earth,

Are ready to celebrate the birth

Of the king whose life he was ready to give,

And showed us new ways to live

May his blessings shower upon us ever,

And we stop doing good deeds never

Lord please help me to love others,

Who don’t believe in miracles and wonders

I promise that I will change the game,

Only need your blessings to do the same

To change myself is going to be the hardest part,

But for that I give you all my heart

Let’s celebrate t’is moment and fill our lives with love,

And try to be as pure from heart as a dove!

 As the festival of Christmas is around the corner, I penned down my thoughts in the form of a poem. Well to describe myself, I belong to a non-Christian family having studied for majority of my life in catholic institutions, starting from my School, Engineering and now MBA. While writing the poem there were many thoughts actually going through my mind about the over-hyped word “RELIGION”. In a country like India where many religions and cultures co-exist, a need for proper tolerance and acceptance of every religion should be there.

A few people in India make religion an issue and start fighting in the name of God missing the basic fact that religion is just a medium to reach the Almighty. Individuals try to impose their religion over others just by showing their superiority, which portrays the sad state of the democracy in which we live. Many recent happenings validate the fact that the basic mindset of people hasn’t changed. Such people need to understand the basic fact that God is only one and there are different ways to reach him. Every religion is right in its own way and is as important as the other.

 India having a culturally diverse background should remain united and use this as its advantage instead of fighting in the name of religion. The political parties dividing citizens in the name of religion just to create vote banks for their own political advantage should be stopped as they play with the religious feeling of people.

 Living in the 21st century, we need to focus more on developmental issues of the country, so that we can change the living conditions of the people here. Recent floods in Chennai showed us in a beautiful way that humanity is above all religions. During this catastrophe there was no divide between any religion and it was only survival that mattered. Divided by political interests, people still came forward to help their brethren from different religions. Seeing Hindus helping Muslims, Christians helping Hindus and Muslims doing the same for their brothers depicted an absolutely fantastic picture of Humanity. Even the Sikh community came forward to help the people with food and the necessary help.

 In a democracy like India, where so many religions co exist we, as Indians should be proud of our Motherland. Treating every other as our own and getting out of the narrow mindset will definitely help India to put a strong message to the world at the secular front. People should understand the basic fact that fighting in the name of religion doesn’t give us any advantage but actually widens the gap between us. I believe now the time has come when we must lift ourselves above all the barriers of religion and should be acceptable and respectful about other religions as well, then and only then India can prosper and grow well!

PS: God is one, but his aspects are many. One and the same fish may be made to taste differently, according to the different modes of preparing it, so one God is enjoyed variously by his devotees.