Rural Healthcare Management by Mr. Sanjoy Mukerji

On March 5th, 2015, Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur had the privilege of hosting Mr. Sanjoy Mukerji – MD of iClinic Healthcare Private Limited, as part of Vaarta’15 series of guest lectures.

Mr. Mukerji was born in a ‘bollywood’ family and is a mechanical engineer from IIT Bombay. He has around 10 years of manufacturing and engineering experience and over a decade of sales and business leadership experience. Mr.  Mukerji served as the EVP at PepsiCo for 10 years and was the CEO of Hutchison telecom for 5 Years. He was also the operations director at Vodafone and was one of the top 10 telecom executives in India before he gave up the corporate life to start an entrepreneurial startup venture in healthcare “iClinic Healthcare Private Limited”.


Sanjoy Mukherjee


Mr. Mukerji started off the guest lecture by discussing some real world problems faced by rural India in health care services. He explained this with the statistics that demonstrated the poor condition of healthcare service in rural India.  He also discussed about the unique problems faced by healthcare service in rural areas due to their beliefs and superstitions. He also demonstrated with statistics the how there is a dearth of specialists in rural areas. These words were a great incite to the students with them coming right from the horse’s mouth.

He then moved on to discuss the mentality of the rural India. He gave insights into the factors that shape the behavior and thinking of rural India. He shared his varied experiences that have led him to understand the Indian rural market.


He later explained how iClinic is catering to the healthcare needs of the rural India. iClinic is bringing the best of the specialists round the country to rural areas by the use of technology. iClinic has taken a brave step in creating a healthy rural India and has now plans to reach maximum towns and villages.

He concluded the lecture by advising the students to follow their passion and do what they love to do. At the end of this enthralling session, the students were left with a lot of key take-ways and knowledge about Rural Healthcare.

VGSoM Kharagpur

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