‘SIBM Pune Making Strides In Addressing LGBT Diversity’ – Samuel Pongen, SIBM Pune

LGBT diversity inclusion has become an important topic in recent years as it is becoming an asset for building corporate image and generating positive PR. SIBM Pune as an institute has always taken many positive strides in addressing key issues of diversity and enhancing learning. On 24th September 2016, SIBM Pune hosted a LGBT Sensitisation workshop titled ‘Breaking the Glass Closet’ conducted by MINGLE. MINGLE is an Indian think-tank and advocacy group consisting of academicians, students and professionals from fields as diverse as the Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Law, Medicine, Management and Engineering. Its vision is a truly liberal and pluralistic India where all citizens enjoy their fundamental right to lead a secure and dignified life irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The event commenced with a felicitation ceremony, followed by an interactive lecture. The speaker for the workshop was Mr. Udayan Dhar Diversity and Inclusion manager at Godrej Industries and Chief Diversity Consultant at MINGLE. The workshop highlighted the business impact of LGBT-supportive policies and how building an inclusive workplace can benefit the organization and more importantly touched points on what it means for an individual to be sensitized.





Students from SIBM Pune truly appreciated the workshop Sampada Joshi from MBA I Marketing stated, “I believe it’s immensely important to instill the importance of diversity and equality. As these qualities are becoming of prime importance even in the corporate world, it will definitely be useful to address this with future MBA batches as well.”

“I was pleased the focus of the session highlighted that learning with people from a variety of backgrounds encourages collaboration and fosters innovation, thereby benefitting all students. The session also provided insights on how diversity is always positive, ranging from improvement of near- and long-term intergroup relations and even performance at work and academics” said Vishnu Kadakketh from MBA II HR.

The institute understands the importance of addressing diversity and encouraging an inclusive and open learning environment is the step forward. SIBM Pune has many future plans in the pipeline to address topics in the LGBT space.




About the Author:


Samuel Pongen is a student from SIBM Pune currently pursuing a MBA in HR and is a senior member of the institute’s PR Team-iSMaRT.


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