Stairway To Wisdom – NITIE

Here are Four unique things that you would find in NITIE that I bet no B school campus can offer.

1. Two huge lakes, a Pond and a Forest for a setting

Vihar lake with the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in the background whereas the Powai lake with the Hiranandani Skyscrapers in its backdrop serves as a perfect spot for the student and nature lover. And not to forget the most favourite hang-out place of every NITIEzen, our very own pond aka Sarovar which provide immense peace, pleasure and a perfect spot to spend quality time to release day long working stress and interact with nature and its creature.

2. 96 Steps – Stairway to Wisdom

Everyday students must climb 96 stairs to reach academic hall which fulfill the need of yoga and work out, makes students physically fit and healthy and save their time of workout that is a secret behind the success of NITIEzens.

3. Skyscraper Hostel

16 floor skyscraper hostel named Taylor Hall is the tallest building among all B – schools in India. The building symbolizes the financial capital of India as Mumbai is known for its skyscraper building and gives the same experience to students while residing in the hostel like other parts of the city.

4. Eco campus

Recognized for its lush green & Eco-Friendly campus, we feel proud & honoured to acknowledge that NITIE has been conferred the “Best Eco Campus of the year in India” under Yes Bank Natural Capital Award for its environmental & greenery initiatives in the campus.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work with Grasim Industries Limited which is the flagship of Adithya Birla Group. I have done my B. Tech in textile technology and I am pursuing industrial engineering at NITIE which makes me most suitable candidate to work for your company as techno manager. I was the topper of my college besides this I have done industrial internship in Raymond Limited, SRF Limited (Technical Textile) and Brinton Carpet Asia Pvt. Ltd. which shows my versatile capability and my keen interest towards practical knowledge and manufacturing sector. My ardent desire for learning new things and potentially to lead among the group was quite praise worthy, for this I was selected as project coordinator and class representative during my B.Tech which gives me first hand managerial experience which help me to work with
your company.

-Rishu Raj

NITIE Mumbai Placement Committee

Placement Committee, NITIE Mumbai