Summer Placements – Class Of 2019 – MDI Gurgaon

Highlights as per the placement reports –

– Overall 90 companies participated in the Summer Placement Season.

– The average stipend at MDI jumped to INR 1,95,000 which is a significant rise of 20% over last year. The highest stipend is INR 3,00,000 this year.

– 40% of students got over INR 2,00,000 stipend for the entire duration.

– The average stipend of top 10% of the batch is INR 2,85,000.

– 7 international roles were offered by organisations such as Godrej Industries and Tolaram Group.

– More than 92% of the batch received 6 digit stipend for the entire duration.

– 43% of offers came from Sales and Marketing, followed by 25% in Finance, 13% in Operations, 10% in Strategy/General Management and 9% in Consulting/Analytics.

– Investment Banking roles were offered by the likes of Goldman Sachs, Langham Capital and Nomura.

– Many leading pharmaceutical companies like Alcon, Abbott, Cipla, Eli Lilly, GSK Pharma, Novartis and Sun Pharma recruited from campus.

– First-time recruiters included Avendus Capital, Eli Lilly, MARS and Procter & Gamble.



Aayush Agarwal

Why is the summary stats table (mentioning average placement figures, total number of students and most importantly number of students signing out) not given at the end of this placement report as per insideiim format?


Because every institute does not have the time to fill up 10 different placement/MBA prep websites. They have better things to do. If you are so keen to find out the stats visit the placement report at MDI website.