Synergy – The Annual Management Fest Of MBA (IB/HRD), Delhi School Of Economics

‘Synergy is better than my way or your way. It’s our way.’ – Stephen Covey

On 15th and 16th of February 2018, the Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics hosted ‘Synergy’ – the Annual Management Fest of MBA (IB/HRD), Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics. Combining the excitement of ‘Conflux – Annual Management Fest of MBA(HRD)’ and the zeal of ‘Atharva – Annual Management Fest of MBA(IB)’, the whole was indeed greater, than the simple sum of its parts.

The two days of fiesta was filled with a plethora of events and competitions that encompassed various domains of management education in the fields of International Business, HR, Marketing, Finance, Strategy and Consulting.

Synergy Delhi School of Economics 2018

The Day 1 began with the opening ceremony where Dr. Kavita Sharma, Head and Dean, Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, started off the event along with Dr Urvashi Sharma, Course Coordinator, MBA (HRD) and Dr. Niti Bhasin, Course Coordinator, MBA (IB) with the lamp lighting ceremony.

The first event of the day was ‘The Ultimate CMO Challenge’ which got 400+ entries in the quiz round. The top 5 teams were called to the campus to present their case study solutions.

Synergy Delhi School of Economics 2018

Then we had the ‘Launch Pad – The B Plan Competition’ which had got 200+ online entries in the first round. Top 10 teams including teams from various B Schools were invited to present their plan in front of the judges.


  1. Team Midnight Warriors – IMI
  2. Team Enactus KMC – Kirori Mal
  3. Team Mixer’s Match – UFV India


Mr.  Manoj K Prasad & Dr. Niti Bhasin

Synergy Delhi School of Economics 2018

Lined up ahead was ‘Corporate Cracker: The Best Manager Competition’. This event tested the skills of problem-solving as well as being profitable and innovative; giving participants a chance to showcase their skills and talent. This event also saw huge participation in the first round with top teams being shortlisted to appear in front of judges.


  1. Aniruddha Ajankar – WeSchool Mumbai
  2. Anirban Das – Delhi School of Management, DTU
  3. Aishwarya Yadav – MBA HRD, DSE


Mr. Manoj Sharma & Ms. Rashmi Mansharamani

For the Cricket lovers, another exciting event was the IPL Bidding, which started with an IPL quiz and the top 8 teams were shortlisted to be a part of a mock IPL auction, testing the participant’s resource management skills.

Synergy Delhi School of Economics 2018

The Football fans were not left disappointed as well. Futwiz – Fifa 18 Tournament was also organized where various participants clashed against each other to be the ultimate winner.


1st Adnan Syed

2nd Nayan Tripathi

3rd Rudraksh Bali

The day ended with ‘Badshah-e-Bollywood – The Bollywood Quiz’, a fun series of quizzes, trivia and questions, loved by all, which checked the knowledge and the passion for Bollywood.


1st – Mayank Varhsneya & Prateek Malhotra – MBA HR

2nd – Gaurav Sharma & Supriya Negi – MBA IB

The Day 2 began with another major event ‘Quizzitch – The Management Quiz’. After the online quiz, the top participants were invited for the ultimate quiz on campus testing the wits, knowledge and power of deduction of the finalists.


1st – Ankit & Bramhdeep Singh – DTU

2nd – Dushyant Ratnakar & Kunal Kishen – FMS

3rd – Vishal Sharma & Soumen Roy – NIFTEM

Synergy Delhi School of Economics 2018

Alongside Quizzitch, we had ‘Case-o-Mania: The Case Study Competition’ which had more than 400 participants in the first round. The shortlisted teams were given a new case study and were invited on campus to present their solutions.


1. Team ‘Enigma’- Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering

Rahul Bhalsodia & Karan Agarwal

2. Team ‘DSE Mavericks’ – MBA IB DSE

Ravish Rana & Kushagra Bansal

3. Team ‘Team DBE’

Sonali Yadav & Jyothsna Bandi


Dr. R.K. Singh & Dr. Urvashi Sharma

Also organized was the ‘6th Professor AK Seth Memorial Debate’ with the motion being – ‘The Return of Protectionism: Good or Bad’.

After that, there was ‘Casenova 2018 – Annual Consulting Case Study Competition’ which saw more than 300 participants in the first round. The top 6 teams came to the campus to present their solutions to judges from top consulting firms.

The excitement continued with ‘Couch Potato’ for all the TV series and movie lovers. The event tested how big a couch potato the participants are by a movie and a TV series quiz. Adding to the fun was the ‘Ad Mad Show’ where participants got a chance to showcase their creativity in marketing products and services as well as their acting skills.

Apart from the main on-campus events, there were also online events like ‘Pic Story’ which invited photographs along with a story behind them on Facebook. There was also a 16-word story competition where the participants shared wonderful multi theme-based stories in just 16 words.

Synergy Delhi School of Economics 2018

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