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The PI Checklist To Convert Your MBA Interviews - ARKSS, Ex-National Head - MBA At CL

 The countdown has begun for the interviews at India’s top B- schools with the first calls expected to be scheduled as early as the 1st week of February. We already

How To Crack CAT 2022 In 5 Months - AMA With ARKS Srinivas | Ex-National MBA Head - Career Launcher

CAT 2022 is now just a few months away. Many MBA aspirants will now have the query - is it possible to prepare for CAT 2022 in just 5 months?

How To Prepare For MBA Admissions 2022 - Ft. Arks Srinivas, National Head - MBA At Career Launcher

Now that IIM Ahmedabad has released CAT 2021 results, you know exactly where you stand. From hereon, you need to know the B-Schools you should apply to based on your

CAT 2021 Analysis - Cut Offs And Predictions | Arks Srinivas, National MBA Head - Career Launcher

In this exclusive live on InsideIIM's CAT Day Live, we bring to you Arks Srinivas (National MBA Head - Career Launcher), who will deep-dive into all the three exam slots

Last 3 Weeks To CAT 2021 Preparation - Arks Srinivas (National Head - MBA At CL)

Join us at 6 PM as we deep-dive in how exactly you should make the most of the final 3 weeks to CAT 2021 with Arks Srinivas, National Head -

2 Weeks To CAT 2020 || Last-Mile Strategies With ARKSS, National MBA Head - Career Launcher

The countdown has begun. We are almost at 15 days to CAT. There's a lot more pressure and apprehension, some anticipation and probably a whole lot of anxiety in your

Expected CAT Pattern, Detailed Study Plan And Tips || Ft. Gautam Bawa, IIM C Alumnus , VP - Career Launcher

There are hardly 3 weeks left for CAT 2020. How do you plan to crack CAT in 3 weeks?

21 Days To CAT 2020 | Last-Mile Strategies With ARKS Srinivas, National MBA Head At Career Launcher

If you're writing CAT 2020, you're in the last mile of prep. You're probably feeling a bit apprehensive, a bit worried, slightly overwhelmed and pressurised. We feel you. Which is