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On Life After An MBA And Changing Careers - Journey From Being Average To Achieving Success

Three millennia ago, Heraclitus of Ephesus, a famous Greek Philosopher proposed a doctrine of change being the only constant in this universe. Since then, many of us have heard this

6 Ways To Overcome Low Academic Scores & Improve Your Profile After Joining A B-School

A lot of aspirants raise concerns about their academic scores when they talk to me about their B-School aspirations. And their concerns are well founded. Everyone including the professors know

What Is It Like To Be An Average Student At A Top IIM?

With two terms done and dusted, one thing I’ve realised is that I have been average in every sense. Grades being just below the median, not a part of any

How To Get An IIM Admit Despite An Average Profile

Is CAT really just an exam? In the land of dreams and aspirations that we live in, getting an admit into an IIT, IIM, IAS is the wildest dream for