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What made this Professional Shooter, Sailor, and Poet choose a B-school Degree? Ft. FORE Students

B-schools are male-dominated spaces where most engineers make the cut! This is a popular perception when it comes to B-school education in India. To counter that narrative, we have three

How These Students Found Their Preferred Career Choices Post MBA, Ft. IMT G Students

For Hiba Khan, Manish Kumar, and Shantanu Shivam, the choice of doing an MBA came in naturally when they became sure of their interest areas. And, at IMT Ghaziabad, they

Why Should You Do These Certificate Courses Offered Jointly With The Likes Of IBM And KPMG!

Ever wondered what are some of the other short-term options you have to enhance your skills? At IMT Nagpur, there are a few that you can explore and complete in

Do Not Choose Your B-school Basis The Placement Figures, Ft. Prof. Sourabh B, IMT H

When we talk about b-schools, the first thing that draws your attention probably is the kind of salary figures that the institute offers! It becomes a metric by default in

Why Our Summer Internship Experience Mattered More During The Pandemic, ft. Ayushi, Dhruv, HSBC & OYO, FSM

During these tough pandemic-ridden times, B-School students have had to find new ways to redefine themselves and take on challenges coming from all fronts. At FORE School of Management, students

How We Converted ITC & Goldman Sachs Internships To A Full-Time Job, Ft. Shantanu S, Kanav K, IMT G

When it comes to choosing either Finance or Marketing, there always seems to be a confusion in the minds of B-school students. For some, it comes as a natural choice

What is the ROI Of An MBA? Find Answers In This Webinar With ISB Alum Narottam Kishore

During the journey of preparing for an MBA, one crucial question stands out - the fees of the B-school. The ROI a crucial parameter you need to consider before doing

How This Indian Entrepreneur Shifted To Consulting Post MBA From HKU, Ft. Arpit Arora, Deloitte

An engineer from Mumbai, Arpit Arora got through to Deloitte early on in his career. But later, he decided to start up on his own and became the co-founder of