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Taking CAT Again | How To Mentally Prepare Yourself

People take the CAT again for numerous reasons. Some take it because they didn’t get the score they wanted. Some perform well but still don’t get a call from the

Do You Know The Number Of Squares And Rectangles In A Chessboard

Often times in CAT exam, questions are asked on "How Many Squares Are There In A Chessboard?" or "How Many Rectangles Are There In A 8*8 Chess-board Which Are Not

Kickstarting CAT 2020 Preparation | The Ultimate Reading List

When you are starting your preparation for CAT, the most common question that arises is “Where to start from?” You try to search online and there are just so many

Tips To Crack VA-RC Section Of CAT | Tips From 2 Time VARC 99%iler

Having secured 99+ %ile in the VARC section in CAT 2016 and CAT 2017, I would like to share some of my learnings with CAT aspirants in this article below.

A Comprehensive Guide To Attempting CAT Again

You have written the CAT test. You are not happy with your attempt. You are probably contemplating the fact that will even get your desired percentile? Before you let self-doubt

24 Hours To CAT | Live Webinar With CEO, MBA Group At Career Launcher

The anxiety levels would be at the highest with less than 24 hours to go for CAT. And we’re sure you’re feeling a quagmire of emotions right now. Anticipation, apprehension,

How To Score 99 Percentile In CAT 2019 | Tips From A 99.55 Percentiler

Writing CAT exam 2019? Is your CAT strategy in place? Have you worked on each section diligently? Do you have a plan to make it to 99+ percentile in order

How I Got Into IIM Kozhikode Despite Having Myopia | Debayan Pal, IIM Kozhikode

Have you ever wondered what it is like living with a condition that slowly takes your eye-sight away? You can feel your vision growing weak, but there is absolutely nothing