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3 Prime Factors To Consider Before You Decide To Retake CAT | CCC | CAT 2022

Every year around 2.5 Lac aspirants take the CAT exam for less than 6 K seats in top IIMs. Since the competition level is so high, many aspirants take several

Most Important Lesson I Learnt From Scoring 40%ile In CAT 2020 | Tips For CAT Exam Retakers

In his last video with InsideIIM, Keshav Kumar Singh, a CAT 2020 40%iler lists out things that are extremely important when you are preparing yourself again. Keshav talks about the

Should You Retake CAT Or Settle For A Lower Tier Business School?

Should I retake the CAT exam or join a lower tier business school? Thousands of aspirants have struggled with this dilemma. The adage, "A bird in hand is worth two

From Low Percentile To 99%ile After Multiple Attempts In CAT Exam | 10+ Stories

Not all of us are star students who can crack the CAT exam in the very first attempt. In fact, average students struggle with CAT exam preparation. Let’s face it,

Don't Give Up On Your MBA Dream | Ten Stories To Motivate You

Should I take a year drop to prepare for CAT? Should I quit my job and prepare for CAT full time? Is CAT meant for me? – When we are

What To Do When Your CAT Score Falls In Between 55-75%ile Bracket?

Let's talk about the “CAT” in the room! CAT 2019 will be a rather difficult exam to crack. So, not everyone will be able to get entry into the top

Poor Academics, Two CAT Attempts, And The Journey To A B-School

This is going to be a long story having a mix of love, cries, hard work, and finally, luck. and with this, I hope to add some value to your

From Less Than 80 Percentile To IIM Kozhikode In The Third Attempt! - An Inspiring Tale By Rozly Gupta

It won’t be totally wrong if I said that the first two weeks of January is the most awaited time of the year for lacs of students in India. CAT