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Chartered Accountant

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What Is CA All About | Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Expenses, Salaries, Jobs, Careers

Chartered Accountancy or CA is one of the most sought after careers in India. CAs enjoy a promising career path, salary, job opportunities, and dignity in our society. But what

How This All India Ranker(42) CA built a Top Banking Career-Asit Oberoi, Ex. BoA, Standard Chartered

Whenever we think of a Chartered Accountant working at a firm, the image of a person handling paperwork related to taxes, company finances, having sleepless nights during the financial year

Are You A CA? Here’s Your Chance To Connect With KPMG, ABG, Mondelez | Most Employable CA Challenge

Becoming a CA is not a simple task. You put in years of hard work, discipline, and study to sit out some of the most competitive papers in the Indian

Careers in Finance for CA & CFA Professionals Ft. Saket Jain, CA AIR 45, ex-Morgan Stanley, ex-EY

Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst are two of the most sought after career paths for any Finance professional. While CFA would give you knowledge and expertise in training in financial

From CA Final All India Rank 3 To IIM Bangalore 

Why I chose to do an MBA after CA and Interview Prep Tips for converting IIMB at 94.57 in General category