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Is Data Analytics Difficult? A Step-by-Step Guide To Getting Started In 2023

For a good reason, data analytics has been one of the last decade's most popular topics in information technology (IT). However, data analytics has its challenges, making professionals in the

Top Data Science Tools & Languages That Make You Job-Ready!

So, you want to enter the field of Data Science. Are you a fresh graduate or a working professional? Do have a tech or non-tech background? Are you looking to

Live Webinar | Data Science Career Paths and Salaries Revealed 2023

Industry growth in data science is accelerating. Software, big data, and technology are evolving continuously, and there are several professions to meet this demand. According to the World Report in

Webinar | Cracking The Code Of Non-Tech Graduates Becoming Data Scientists

While many hold the misconception that you must have a technical background in order to excel as a Data Scientist, this is far from the truth. By its very nature,

Looking To Launch Your Career In Data Science? AltUni Has The Perfect Program For You!

What makes Data Science “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”? Why do you want to enter this scorching hot field?

Career Transition To Data Science | What Do Recruiters Look For In A Candidate?

One of the most prevailing concerns among professionals considering a career change to Data Science is “Do I need a technical background to enter the field?” The answer is a

How Netflix Uses Data Science: A Case Study Quiz

Here’s your chance to build a career in Data Science. Do you always wonder how the data is being used by big firms? What could be the technology behind it?

How Much Do Data Scientists Earn In India?

In the year 2012, Harvard Business Review called data science the "Sexiest Job of the 21st Century." New York Times considers Data Science a "hot new field that promises to