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Why Ratan Tata Wrote A Letter To The PM

The news of Cyrus Mistry being replaced as a Chairman of Tata Sons is not new now. A dramatic event which happened on Monday took us by surprise. After this

Top-Down Vs Bottom-Up Approach Of Investing - Finance With Chinmay

Many new investors entering into stock markets have a common question – What approach should I have? Should I start with a ‘big picture’ i.e. economy, GDP growth rates, interest

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Investing - Finance With Chinmay

Amateur investors lose their money as they invest based on hunches, tips & calls provided by brokers, internet articles or just because of the herd behaviour. This results in unavoidable

Where To Invest (Alternative Investments) - Finance With Chinmay

After posting my last article on financial literacy (link), I received a lot of feedback and queries from the people that they are somewhat aware of traditional investment avenues and

When The Literate Act Illiterate - Finance With Chinmay

Being an independent financial advisor, I have met hundreds of people to manage their finances. Most of them are either graduates or postgraduates in engineering, science or commerce. Being highly

'Digital StartUps Vs MSMEs: Where Private Equity & VC Funding Is Actually Required' - Finance With Chinmay

India has emerged as one of the largest hub for technology & IT/ITes startups including BPOs and KPOs with over 4300 of them directly employing more than 40 lakh people

'Falling Oil Prices - Who’s losing, Who’s Gaining'

Prices of crude oil have tumbled more than 60% in last 9 months, mostly due to a slowdown in 3 largest oil importing countries- The US, China & India. This

'Inflation: From The Perspective Of Government, Investors, Industries, Consumers, Policy Makers And The Economy' - Finance With Chinmay

Inflation is a highly debated phenomenon among the media, government, policymakers and economists. While investors and consumers expect zero inflation, government and central banks need inflation to keep the economy going.