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How An Underconfident Commerce Grad Became IR 1 At IIM Ahmedabad, Ft. Akhil Mangla - Top MBA Achiever - 2021

Today, we bring you the story of Akhil Mangla, who won the Gold Medal and got the 1st rank in IIM Ahmedabad. Find out how Akhil from being an underconfident

Meet Deep Bothra, IIM Ahmedabad - PGPX, Gold Medalist | Top MBA Achievers - 2021

Every year, a selected group of people with a wide variety of backgrounds from industries enter IIM Ahmedabad's PGPX program after a rigorous selection process. With the average work ex

Top MBA Achievers - 2021 | Arunabh Saxena, IIM Ahmedabad - PGPM, Gold Medalist

Every year, there are lakhs of students who give the CAT exam with dreams of getting into IIM Ahmedabad. Only a select few make it to this B-School. These students

How To Be In The Top 5 Percent of The Batch At B-School | Live Session With B-School Toppers

Business school is one of the most competitive environments you'll ever find yourself in. You're surrounded by some of the smartest minds in the country; the crème de la crème

In Conversation With IIM Kozhikode Gold Medallist - Shloak Chopra, JPMorgan PPO Holder

Every year, lakhs of MBA aspirants apply for CAT. The aim is to get into the top IIMs. From that sea of candidates, only a few people make into IIM

The Transformational Journey Of An All-Rounder | Dhiraj Malvawala | IIM Udaipur

Looking back in time, I feel like my MBA had just started yesterday. It was only a few days ago, i.e. on 30th March 2019, that our director gave the

In Conversation With IIM Kozhikode Gold Medallist - Avijeet Tulsiani

Around 2 Lac apply to IIMs every year. Around 370 odd students are selected by IIM Kozhikode. Only 1 Gold Medalist emerges. In conversation with us today, we have Mr.