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From HUL To Google, Key Marketing Lessons I Learnt | Sandeep R, Head - Partners Marketing, Google

Google is the dream company for so many of us. And today, we bring you someone who has been with Google for the past 6 years! Meet Sandeep Ramesh, an

A Summer Full Of Googliness

“So, what’s different now?”

From No PPO To Google | Jai Prakash Sunkoori’s Journey From IIM Lucknow

When we talk about summer internships, everyone focuses on getting a Pre Placement Offer (PPO). Everyone wants one, but not everyone gets one. What happens when you don’t get a

B-School Competitions You Should Look Forward To

The knowledge and learning B-schoolers acquire from competitions can not only spark innovation but also give tremendous value to their CV. The prize money is good enough to cover a

The Google Logo - A Semiotic Analysis

The study of signs and symbols with their interpretation is how Semiotics is defined. In the business world, the first thing that pops in someone's mind is a company logo.

How I Got Into Marketing At Google - Siddhant Singh, IIM Indore

Google is one of the most desired workplaces for many new MBAs and graduates. With googliness being its DNA, getting placed as an intern or bagging a PPO from Google

'I Nearly Failed A Subject At XLRI Jamshedpur' - Aditi Shukla, Ex-Investment Banker, Google

Curious about an investment banking interview? If you’re wondering what kind of questions you’ll get asked at an IB interview or questioning the shift to living alone during your b

From Investment Banking To Google - Journey Of A Mother Of Twins - Aditi Shukla, XLRI Alumna - Part 2

Is ad word sales the only entry point into Google?Yeh “Googliness” kya hai?