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5 Lessons From The HOP 2018 - IIM Indore

A Trek to Remember: IIM Indore’s Himalayan Outbound Programme#HOP #IIMINDORE #TrekLessons #LifeLessons #Leadership #Teamwork #OnlyIIMIndoreThings

4 Reasons Why The Himalayan Outbound Programme (HOP) At IIM Indore Is Relevant To Its Curriculum

The Himalayan Outbound Programme is a “4 credit course” offered in the 5th Trimester, but I would prefer to call it an educational excursion. So, we pack our backpacks and

Why Every B-School Should Have The Himalayan Outbound Program

To folks who don’t know what the Himalayan Outbound Program (HOP) is - it is a legitimate course with credits which is offered to the final year students belonging to

IIM Indore students learn Team Work and Strategy in the Himalayas in the annual unique experiential learning course

The Himalaya Outbound Program has been a part of IIM Indore curriculum since 2010. However, every year the places visited by the students have changed. Last year, our seniors went

Baazigar – Week 4 : Mussoorie

(It is Friday and it is time to hear from Kunj on his unique journeys! All of you who wish to know the background to this ‘Baazigar’ column on insideIIM.com