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Your Chance To Get An Internship With HUL | Foundation School 2024

InsideIIM and Hindustan Unilever Limited are here with an exciting opportunity you can’t miss.

Recruiter Rankings 2023-24 By InsideIIM - Shape The MBA Placement Process

InsideIIM’s Recruiter Rankings 2023-24 is going live and giving you a rare opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with your dream recruiters. You can spill the beans on what you think

The Role Of A Finance Manager In An FMCG Company, Ft. Ayush S & Priyanka B, HUL

As the leading house of FMCG brands in India, HUL invests in building unique capabilities through digital transformation and is constantly reimagining its business processes to pioneer innovations.

How HUL Innovates To Build Products That Consumers Love, Ft. Sushri P, Global Marketing Manager

How are India’s most-loved household products made? How does a company with a legacy as strong as HUL keep reinventing its offerings? And what role does a brand manager play

How To Think Beyond Domains To Be A Cross-Functional Leader, Ft. Jasmine K, HUL

At HUL, leadership is ever-evolving and unique to each individual.

5 Great Digital Marketing Campaigns & Why They Score So High!

Marketing is often seen as an art than a science but to see through the lens of millions of consumers and to understand what their inherent and unsaid motivations and

Why Free Digital Marketing Programs Won’t Help You In Your Career?

Why settle for a mediocre digital marketing education when you can level up and get the real deal? Free online Digital Marketing courses may seem like a cost-effective solution, however,

How Your First Sales Role Sets You Up For a Great Career Ft. Swati Rao, HUL

HUL is known as a distribution behemoth of mega consumer brands, but is also considered a leadership factory thanks to the legacy and success of the UFLP program.