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Stuck In Something You Don't Love? - It Is Never Too Late To Get Out

I read somewhere that,“the best thing about time is that it changes” ; for the better or the worse depends on how you act in your Present. This has really been

Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishment - Gearing Up For CAT 2018

By this time, it would be pretty clear among the aspirants which college they can possibly get. Many aspirants, who are unable to secure the percentile to get into their

The View of Knowledge

Views and Behavior set everyone apart. Behavior is an important concept as we look forward in the life.

Are Colleges All About Public Perception?

It is around this time when people, who got through the gruelling GD-PI processes and are waiting for their colleges to declare results or are spending their time in just

Break Free Of The Ropes - The Fear Of Failure And How To Overcome It

Just by reading the title, you would have got a buried feeling and a voice from inside would have told you "Yeah, I  also have it within me". But I

Think Like A Child!

As we grow up, our brain evolves, we understand a variety of things and our perspectives change. We look at the world with a different view as our responsibilities grow