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Gamification In HR - A Game Changer?

Like most of the millennium kids, I too spent hundreds of hours into video games - from Roadrash to Call of Duty - with little to show for it in

In Conversation With A Lawyer Who Made It To IIM | Nidhi Minz, IIM Ranchi

Hello Nidhi, it is rare that we find a lawyer at a B-school. Kudos for making it to IIM Ranchi, let’s know your journey that inspired you to take up

How A Fresher From XLRI Bagged A PPO From BCG - Aaditya Kaul, BCG PPO Holder, XLRI Class Of 2020

Wondering how BCG hires top talent? What is the complete procedure that the company follows to hire Summer Interns from India’s top B-schools? How many rounds of selection exist, and

Why MBA Is More Than Just A Degree

It has been increasingly seen that just as a graduation course ends, students look to enhance their skills through a suitable postgraduate program. More often than not, it happens to

Rural Immersion Program Broadened My Horizons - Richa Nevatia, MICA 2018-20

As a part of the curriculum at MICA, students of PGDM-C course recently went for their Rural Immersion Program in different parts of the country. The rural immersion program aims

A Hospitality Graduate Who Made It To IIM

Hi Murtaza, Congratulation for making to IIM Ranchi. Let's begin our interview.Q. What inspired you to choose a career in MBA-HR after a degree in Hospitality? I wish to draw an

'Learning Should Be The Primary Focus, Not Grades' - Raman Shridhar, Senior Branch Manager, Olam International - XLRI Alumnus

I bring to you an exhilarating (or XL-arating as he puts it) conversation with Mr. Raman Shridhar, Senior Branch Manager, Olam International. He is an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur. In

'Humility And Ambition Need Not Be At Odds' - Dhruv Talwar, General Manager, Godrej Properties & SIBM Pune Alumnus

I bring to you an inspiring conversation with Mr. Dhruv Talwar, General Manager - Head of Brand Strategy, Godrej Properties Limited. He is an alumnus of SIBM Pune.In this conversation,