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5 Big Reasons Why You Should Consider Pursuing A Career In Human Resource Management

Now that the interview season is around the corner, it is very important that the aspirants be well aware of the various management domains and make an informed decision about

Top 10 TED Talks Which Are A Must Watch For Every HR Aspirant

TED Talks have become a household name today. It is a great platform where people from all over the world share great learnings and ideas and insights from their lives.

How To Succeed In Interviews Using The Art Of Story Telling

If you’re reading this article, you may have already crossed the biggest hurdle in your dream of studying in a prestigious b-school. At the very outset let me congratulate you

The Best Summer Intern From RPG | Hutanshu Kamal, IIM Ranchi

Hello readers, we have with us one of the most promising students of IIM Ranchi, Hutanshu. He is the university Gold medalist from UPES and was the best outgoing student

A Journey To PPO From Capgemini - Alekhya Kakumanu, IIM Ranchi

Let me introduce you Alekhya Kakumanu from IIM Ranchi. Alekhya is an engineering graduate from NIT Raipur 2017. Post that she worked for 6 months at Hexagon as a Software

5 Best TED Talks That Every Marketer Must Watch

There's hardly anyone who is not aware of TED Talks, but for those of you who are still in the dark, let me explain what a TED Talk is all

Political Branding – Exploring The Current Trends

Before the text starts getting saffron or blue and white, let me shed some light on a few common terms and their connection in the field of branding and marketing:

Bagging A PPO From ICICI Bank | Ridhima Maheshwari, IIM Ranchi

We have with us Ridhima Maheshwari from IIM Ranchi. She is an Economics graduate from Delhi University in 2018. Yes, Ridhima is a fresher. She is a Finance enthusiast. She