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Life At IIM Calcutta

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WAT-PI Tips By IIM Calcutta Students | Webinar Recording

We're hosting a live webinar on 20-02-20 at 9:00 PM to interact with you all! Shoot your queries regarding the interview process at IIM Calcutta, life at Joka and interview

IIM Calcutta : An Experience To Look Forward To

There comes a time in your life when you are confused about what you are doing. About how the effort vector is not adding up in the right direction. You

Why Is IIM Calcutta A Dream B-School For Many?

For a question like this, I can almost imagine prompt answers like “the holy trinity”, “placements”, "legacy” and everything under the sun. Not that I am denying any of this,

Key Lessons From 2 Years At IIM Calcutta - The Impact 'Joka' Has Had On My Life

The 2 year journey has been a very enjoyable one indeed. As a fresher, I had come right out of college and into another college. But the experiences were quite

Life On An IIM Campus For A PPO Holder

It is no understatement to say that getting a PPO or not does influence one’s second year on campus to a large extent. Whether the PPO is one that you