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#YOLO - The Mantra For Life

Imagine this, I ask you to go on a trip to France - I tell the date of your arrival, but hide the date of departure from you. Now, it’s

Inspirational Stories Of Aspirants Who Belled CAT In Their 2nd, 3rd and 4th Attempt

Many of us give CAT with the intention of getting admission in the prestigious IIMs. However, with 2.44 Lac registrations and only 12,411 seats in 20 IIMs, the chance for

From Being Married To An IIM - Story Of Dara Kavya, IIM Ranchi

Q1. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?I am Kavya Dara. I Come from a place named Kothagudem of Telangana state. Hailing from a non-Hindi speaking culture made my

CAT 2019 97.14 Percentiler's Story Of Cracking CAT

Cracking CAT 2019 is still like a dream for me. It's almost 40 hours the CAT results are out, and still, I can't believe how I cracked it with 97.14%ile. From

How To Prepare Yourself For The Crucial Month of December - XAT, SNAP Tips And Strategies

Each year, it is not uncommon to find aspirants - be it those with an excellent CAT performance or those with a below par performance - who have lost focus

Done With CAT? Here's How You Can Remain Motivated In The Last Mile To XAT 2020

CAT 2019 is over! And it is understandable that you are exhausted and feel drained out. Preparing and appearing for a paper-like CAT is hard, as it is a highly

25 Days To CAT - Preparation Plan

The Admit Cards are out. CAT is clawing at your doorstep. For some, there is anticipation. For some, there is fear and pressure while for some others, it is just

The Last Few Days To CAT | What To Do And What Not To?

With less than a month to go, every CAT aspirant will be on their toes. I remember that in the last month, I was in a quandary that should I