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Must Read Books For Your CAT Preparation 2021

There are a lot of books out there and when you start preparing for your CAT, you seem to be confused about where to start from? Well, in this video,

10 Must-Read Books To Improve VA-RC %ile - Recommendations By A 99%iler

As a 99 Percentiler in VA-RC in CAT 2019, I have been asked how I was able to score such a good percentile where most of the engineers and people

Best Books For CAT Preparation | Free Resources & Material For MBA Preparation

Books and resources are critical for an aspirant's preparation for the CAT Exam. We've been receiving numerous queries from students looking for 'Best Books For CAT Exam' 'Arun Sharma Books'

45 Non Fiction Bestsellers To Read In The COVID-19 Lockdown

Extended lock-downs. Delayed college admits. Delayed jobs. Deferred internships and PPOs . The situation looks pretty bleak thanks to COVID 19. The coronavirus has ensured that our lives are in

60 Bestselling Fiction Books To Read In The COVID-19 Lockdown

Are you wondering what to do for fun these days? Thanks to COVID 19, we have lots of time, with not much too do. Especially if you're an MBA aspirant

8 Must Read Books For Every MBA Student!

Here's a list of the best eight books that each and every MBA student must read! Take a look at the list of books and why you should read them!

10 Books For The MBA Journey - Book Recommendations From An IIM Alumna

If there was one thing that I could tell you, the MBA Aspirant, it would be to have faith in the power of words. They are beautiful, terrifying and they

Reading: A Road Not Taken | Four Must-Read Books For CAT Aspirants

The journey to MBA exams has begun, and many of you might be focusing on the most crucial exam of your career, which is CAT. Since you are planning to