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8 Must Read Books For Every MBA Student!

Here's a list of the best eight books that each and every MBA student must read! Take a look at the list of books and why you should read them!

10 Books For The MBA Journey - Book Recommendations From An IIM Alumna

If there was one thing that I could tell you, the MBA Aspirant, it would be to have faith in the power of words. They are beautiful, terrifying and they

Reading: A Road Not Taken | Four Must-Read Books For CAT Aspirants

The journey to MBA exams has begun, and many of you might be focusing on the most crucial exam of your career, which is CAT. Since you are planning to

25 Must-Read Books For MBA Professionals | Recommended By MBA Students & Alumni

Over the past few years, we have received numerous book recommendations by MBA students (some of whom are now alumni) of the most interesting and insightful books that teach lessons

5 Must-Read Books About Life That Are Inspiring And Enlightening

Whenever I searched for motivational books online, I was taken to lists filled with non fictions and self help books. I wanted to read books that are fun as well

5 Books A Budding Manager Should Definitely Read

In a B-School, every professor will suggest you at least one book that has the potential to change the way to perceive things. Management is always about critical thinking and

7 Business Books You Should Definitely Read In 2018

Three months into 2018 and still don't know which books to read? I've compiled a list of seven business books that are incredibly insightful and extremely beneficial for anyone, from

Books Every MBA Aspirant Must Read Before The CAT Results Come Out

Since you have already decided to pursue an MBA, it’s only fair that you acquaint yourself with what’s in store for you. Reading some of these books will give you