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My journey To IIM Ahmedabad

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Engineering Drop Out To IIM Ahmedabad | Subham Shaw

This blog would not be another one on the strategy to crack CAT and get yourself into one of the best B-Schools in the country. This is to encourage the readers

My Journey To IIM Ahmedabad | Isha Nisar, CAT 2019 99.37 %iler

6 years ago, on 18th April 2014, I was forced to watch this movie '2 States' which happened to just change my life journey. Before that, I did not know

How I Scored 100%ile In Verbal Section In CAT

Aviral Bhatnagar scored a 99.99 percentile in CAT and a whopping 100 percentile in the verbal section, and went to IIM Ahmedabad. Here is a recount of how he prepared himself

IIM Ahmedabad Interview Experience - Aviral Bhatnagar

The interview season is in the air, and while there is no cookie cutter formula to do it right, we are going to do a series on interview experiences of