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My Journey To IIM Calcutta

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Countless Roadblocks Came My Way Yet I Made It To IIM Calcutta, Ft. Prakhar Sharma

Prakhar Sharma hails from Vadodara, Gujarat. He pursued his schooling from Nalanda International School and took up CA as a career post his 12th grade. What makes him a true

From A 6-Year Gap To IIM Calcutta | Aman Sharma's Journey Against All Odds

The worst moments in the life of an inspired person push him beyond every limit to prove his potential no matter how much he is abased. Hope is what the

IIM C Convert Mansi Aggarwal Shares Her CAT 2019 Journey And The Problems She Faced

30th July 2020: A very important day in my life. Today finally, after so many challenges, I was welcomed (now formally) as a student at IIM Calcutta. As I looked

From Scoring 30 Marks In My First Mock To Getting Admission At IIM Calcutta | Here's My Story - Kirti, IIM Calcutta, MBA 2020-22

Would you still keep working hard, if you knew you are going to fail? Well, you would wonder why it says 'rote,' because in my case, it has been a

From Lacking Confidence To Making It To IIM Calcutta, Here's My Journey | Ft. Kirti

Clearing CAT is a different journey, and clearing the interviews is a different hurdle all together! My best call was IIM Calcutta; I was happy for about 10mins after I

How I Made It To IIM Calcutta | Palash Godbole, CAT 2019 99.35%ile

We have Palash Godbole with us, who will be joining IIM Calcutta this year. In this article, he shares his journey to IIM Calcutta, how he prepared for CAT, and