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5 Dream Cities For Banking And Finance Enthusiasts

The list of dream cities could be endless. From Prague to Rio de Janeiro to that small city in Africa. But if you are a Banking and Finance Enthusiast, these

Most Preferred Work Cities, Loan Statistics, Cost of a MBA and more - Part I - InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2013

The results of the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2013 are out, and let’s see how people have responded. The survey was carried out over the month of August 2013 and was

An XLer on Xchange – Madhumita’s Diary – October : MIT, Harvard, Times Square, Durga Puja and Halloween!

I have to begin by mentioning that by the time October arrived I was feeling pretty much at home in the US & “kicking ass” in Darden in terms of

InsideIIM Recruitment Survey Results - Part I - Most Preferred Work Cities

These are results for the year 2012. The 2013 results are now available here