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What Makes The Placement Committee So Coveted On Campus | IIM A, IIM I, IIM K, MDI Gurgaon, MICA | #YOBOLive Ep. 8

Get a glimpse into b-school life with our new free webinar series - #YOBOLive. Connect with students or alumni from IIMs and other top b-schools and find out how to

Into A Place-commer’s Mind – Akshay Goel, IIMK Top 15%, Goldman PPO

Everyone knows of the mythical creature known as Placecomm. But what is it exactly? Introducing Akshay Goel, a placecommer from IIMK.

How I Stood Up To The Placement Committee In MBA

Among all the new pressures piling up on them right from day 1 like assignments, surprise quizzes, placement, committee selections etc, also comes the time to face the most (in)famous

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A PlaceCommer In A B-School

Disclaimer: The author of this article, who is a current student at a top IIM, has requested anonymity for reasons personal to her.

Why Campus Placements Aren't Always Happily-Ever-After

Life is unfair:  if you are part of the 1.3 billion Indians who hustle it out everyday in this highly overcrowded and competitive country, you must have heard these 3

A Word Of Caution | Placement Agencies Vs Learning School

To all the MBA folks, let us all concentrate on learning industry nuances, techniques which will separate us from normal graduates (common sense is common, you have paid to learn

7 Myths About MBA Placements

I didn't get my internship through my summer placement rounds. I'll be very frank with that. And I'm in a start up. And like many of you, I too thought

The Best PoR Is Apparently A Placecommer’s Girlfriend/Boyfriend

It’s final placement season and the anonymous apps and meme pages have become extremely active. One popular meme/post that does the rounds every year in every college is the “Best